A Day At Watermouth Family Theme Park and Castle

Our final day of our Devon holiday Chris had looked into going to a theme park. This was the one he chose, something about it drew him in. You can read more about the whole holiday here in Woolacombe Bay Devon, Mini Break. to see what else we got up too.

We had picked up  a leaflet for it while in the caravan park and it got my attention.

Its described online on their site as;

‘In this stunning location overlooking the picturesque Watermouth Cove, Watermouth Family Theme Park and Castle offers a unique and magical experience with entertainment for all ages.’  – Watermouthcastle.com

There was a similar description in their leaflet too, something about the word ‘unique’ intrigued me. We’ve done a few family theme parks so we have a general idea what to expect, so What was making it unique?

Watermouth Castle is located just outside Ilfracombe and was 20 minutes from Woolacombe Bay itself. It opened at 10.30 am and we aimed to get there right on time. Which we did and we still had a short queue to get through the door.

Watermouth Castle

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30 weeks pregnancy update

I am now on the final countdown, what should be the last 10 weeks (give or take, I’ve been late, very, late with both previous) officially in the final trimester. I know from now on things will get much more difficult and more uncomfortable. Hopefully though it will continue to fly by so I don’t have time to actually notice so much of that.

Certainly the last few weeks I have noticed much more of a struggle doing certain tasks, like tying shoe laces and picking stuff up from the floor. I have had a little bit of back trouble as I almost pulled it out one day, thankfully after being careful for a couple of days it eased off.

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Me And Mine Project – April Roundup 19

There you have it one quarter way through the year already. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but its so true, and each month surprises me more than the last. I think that’s got to be my age.

I’m still struggling to get into the hang of taking the family photo, I don’t know what else I can do to try and remember. Not only that I feel quite self conscious about doing them in public places, let alone ask someone to take it for me. I’m working on it. I know I said that last month but I might get it one day.

The beginning of the month there was my birthday, nothing fancy, although I did get a cake this year. Sounds silly but before we had kids we didn’t really do birthday cakes for each other, but this year H insisted. So going forward I think we may just do that all the time now. That weekend we spent trying to finalise our packing for our family trip down to Devon. You can read more about it in Woolacombe Bay Devon, Mini Break.

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Woolacombe Bay Devon, Mini Break.

A little while ago we took our last family holiday as a family of four. Trying to find where to go proved a challenge to start with but we stumbled across the idea of North Devon. Having been somewhere I used to go as a child and not been back there for a number of years. After a few positive recommendations we selected to stay with Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks.

Woolacombe Bay has a selection of 4 sites to choose from all within walking distance from each other. All with slightly different facilities on offer, we narrowed it down to the Twitchen House location purely because it offered us the best caravan location for what we wanted.

Twitchen House

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10 Tips For Starting Reception.

Some of you may have gotten the long-awaited for news of which school your child has been accepted in to. Believe me when I say it’s both a relief and a reality check once you do know.

Suddenly it’s all very, very, real, not only that it’s suddenly not that far away.

So now what?

Is your child as ready as they can be for starting school?

I wrote a post last year just as we were preparing H for school, it was based more on the learning activities we were doing with him at home, to prepare him for that environment. You can read that in School Preparation for a 4 year old.

10 Tips for Starting school

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25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another 5 weeks has gone by since I last did an update. Mostly because from one week to the next my symptoms barely change. However this last week maybe 2 things have changed slightly.

I’ve given up with buttoned trousers now, the button is too uncomfortable and too restricting when moving or bending over. So I’ve broken out the small maternity jeans. Which is as comfortable as they can be. Although it did dawn on me that the only maternity wear that I saved from last time is very much ‘winter wear’, so once the heat wave hits (which its bound to right) I need to sort that.

23 week

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Me And Mine Project – March Roundup 19

As I expected March went by in a haze of birthdays and birthday prep. By the time I had a chance to step back and look at March we were here, the very end of March. Spring seemed to have stopped for a while too, probably for the best with all the preparation. So it helped having some duller days so we could concentrate on it. Had it have been glorious all month I might have got too distracted with the sunshine. So that probably worked in my favour.

Spring you’re welcome to come back now.

We booked our family holiday for April half term this year right at the beginning of the month and we are all so looking forward to the break in April.

March 19 2

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