A’s 6 Month Update

I never really know how to start these posts off other than saying how time has flown by. Honestly that’s  because it truly has and whether I try and ignore that or not its true. The  last 3 months (like for most of you)  have been full on with Christmas and all the various things that coincide with that. So before I knew it, here we were.

I said in my last update here in A’s 3 month update that I hadn’t structured in a routine yet and that’s mostly still true. She is at the point where her morning feed is about the same time daily now so that’s working out well. She is unbelievably patient in the morning allowing us to sort the older 2 out first while she waits for her feed. That is a luxury, the other 2 were so demanding, they wanted feeding exactly when they demanded it, there was no waiting about for anyone. Depending on whether she is hungry on that day or not she’ll either go for her 3 or 4 hours between each feed. With the last one now being between 7-8pm.

4 Month Photo A (1)

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Bucket List 2020.

I wanted to start the year off on the right foot this January and make a good start on planning. For me I like planning, I like knowing what’s happening, where we are going etc. Admittedly I don’t always see these things through but the intention is always there. I’m not particularly impulsive, I’m an overthinker, an over analyser so being prepared suits me well. I take this with pretty much all aspects of my life. Sometimes its helpful sometimes its not. Hey Ho!

I’ve done a little digging into last Januarys list for this year here in Bucket List For 2019 and even further back in Bucket list 2018. I know straight away there are some things we are not including this year and one of those is Centre Parcs. It is just too far out of our price range during school holidays. I’m gutted about that, H keeps asking to go back and we would love too, its just not realistic at this moment in time. Hopefully that may change. Fingers crossed.

Bucket list 2020

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A Look Back At 2019.

I always start these posts with something along the lines of ‘what a year it’s been’ and again with this year it’s been no different. This is even more significant in a sense as it’s also the end of a decade, and if I look back at that there was a massive change for my life.

At the start of the decade we got engaged. After that it was moving out, marriage, moving house and 3 babies. That’s quite a personal achievement so I cant ignore what a monumental life change that has happened over the past decade.

January and February

As I now look back to the beginning of last year it looked like a year of change, starting with our Announcement And First Trimester Update and I also attempted to delve deeper into my feelings about the blog in Why I Took Some Time Away From The Blog.

I’m not 100% convinced that I feel totally better with it but I’m getting there, and I’m looking forward to working on it and using 2020 to move forward. And hopefully gain some much needed clarity, more on that another time though.

Bucket List and Hopes For 2019

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Me And Mine Project – November And December 19

The end of the year is now in sight and I feel a little disappointed that I didn’t manage to do these every single month. It started off well and then baby A arrived and everything went haywire. I guess having three kids now was more of a logistical challenge than I thought.


At the beginning of the month we had a mini presentation at H’s school of a new story they were learning which was nice to go in and see some of the work that they were currently doing.

I had an appointment at Hospital to meet the oral surgeon and meet with me new orthodontist again. After a chat I confirmed I wanted to go ahead with this new journey which involves more brace work but will also involve double jaw surgery to correct my bad bite and misaligned jaws. Its sounds pretty grim but I’m feeling much more positive about this journey and I’m pretty sure this is the right one to. So this starts my own personal journey which I’m hoping wont impact on the kids too much. At least not till the surgery anyway. I officially start the process on New Years Eve which I am reluctantly excited about, I still keep thinking its too good to be true.

Novemeber and December 19

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Christmas Gifts – 5 Month Old Girl

I always find it difficult buying presents for a baby and this time around was no different. We have a loft full of age appropriate toys that are in great condition so I didn’t want to go and buy stuff that we already have. After all who needs more than one type of shape sorter.

So we opted for what we usually end up doing and buying more clothing than toys, because she will need bigger clothes theres no denying that.

Stocking Fillers

Baby girl gifts 19 (2)

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Christmas Gifts 2019 – 2 Year Old Girl

Luckily for us this year we had a pretty good idea of some of things to get as in the last few months M has become pretty obsessed with Frozen. That had given me a pretty good starting point. Although I hesitated on getting Frozen 2 merchandise as I wasn’t sure she would accept that as being Anna and Elsa. We did take them to see Frozen 2 and after which she was even more obsessed with ‘New Elsa’. Unfortunately it did mean I had to hunt around for some of the stuff as they were completely out of stock and therefore I missed out on the offer prices.

If you would be interested to see what she has had previously you can see here in Christmas Gifts – 21 Month Old Girl and in Christmas Gifts – 9 Month Old Girl.

Stocking Fillers


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Christmas Gifts 2019 – 5 Year Old Boy

This year we started collecting a couple of things before the Christmas lists were written out to give ourselves a head start. Hoping that what was written on the lists was stuff he had already mentioned and that we had already bought.

When H wrote his list there were only a handful of things on it and much of what was on it we had in fact already managed to get. He did however put down a complete curve ball for us.

I’ve done this posts for the last few years if you were interested to have a look, there you could find some ideas for slightly younger children. You can find these in Christmas Gifts – 3 Year Old Boy. and Christmas Gifts – 4 Year Old Boy.

Stocking Fillers

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