Bucket list 2018

We have now started to plan where we would like to take the children over the next year, and attempting to see where we can fit those things in. Sort of a bucket list. Some we have visited and really loved, so it’s a must to go back. I thought I would share some of the places we are aiming to go, have a read you might find something of interest;

American Speedfest, at Brands Hatch, we went here last year a little bit on the whim, I had heard they showcased the Disney Pixar Cars there the year previously and Henry loves them so we thought we would try it. Unfortunately they didn’t have them last year but they did have the Dinoco Car from the movie. As a day out goes it was amazing, way better than we expected. I’ve not ever had an interest in motor sport but hearing all the Nascar racers start their engines and rev, was quite phenomenal. The noise, I’ve never heard anything like it. It was Fantastic, we are already trying to sort tickets. YES!

Audley end railway, a wonderful place, and we have been several times. it really is one of those places that has an element of magic about it, its the type of atmosphere you need to experience for yourself. Its turned out to be one of my favourite places to visit as a family, I look forward to it every year.

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Sunday swimming – Ordinary Moments 18 #2

I’m linking up again for another week of Ordinary Moments with Donna at What the Redhead said. Go and take a look at her blog for some other Ordinary Moments.

Henry has been doing swimming lessons every Sunday morning since he was two and a half. It’s just a half hour lesson but I think it’s really important for him to feel comfortable in the water as I am not the most natural or comfortable swimmer myself.

The swimming pool we go to (part of the First Strokes swim schools) runs all level of classes on a weekend and when Henry started his initial lessons it was something that was a great opportunity for Henry and Chris to do together. With me working part-time I had plenty of opportunities to do activities with Henry but Chris didn’t have anything they could do together. It seemed to cover all boxes of allowing them the bonding time, and being a practical thing for them to do together.


The first level (entry-level) was a parent and child class with basic swimming, floatation techniques, singing and games. Henry took to these lessons very quickly and he really enjoyed the one on one time with Chris. In the early days most of these lessons I missed as I was always working on Sunday morning.  Continue reading

A change afoot – Back to work

As I sit down to write this I’m all too aware of how this topic is making me feel. I always imagined when I had children I would be able to stay at home with them while they were young, maybe even longer. When I had to go back to work after Henry was born, it was tough, I hated leaving him. After all he was my responsibility and I didn’t like the feeling that I was ‘dumping‘ him on someone else. I wanted to have a baby so I should be the one to take care of him. Honestly for Henry I don’t think he noticed much, he was more than happy going to his grandparents for a few hours. Even though that was the case, it never stopped me feeling guilty about it.

Admittedly once you get back into some sort of routine with work, it does become a little easier, it becomes normal. But that feeling I had of ‘dumping him’ never really faded.

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Indoor picnic – Ordinary moments 18 #1

Whilst reading some other family blogs notably ‘Little ladies big world’, and ‘What the redhead said’ I came across a series called ‘Ordinary Moments’. On further reading it really struck a chord with me, what a fantastic idea! I want in. It sounds like something I could really get stuck into doing.

In years to come it will be the ‘ordinary moments’ of life that fade into distant memory, the ones we so desperately want to cling onto in later years, yet barely remember them for what they are. Moments that are so ‘ordinary‘ they are almost not worthy enough of being saved in your memory, (this comes mostly from someone who cannot even remember what happened last month) they are just normal everyday parts of life. We all want to remember the important moments, family holidays, important milestones of life, but what about the everyday? This is what has intrigued me so much. An opportunity to record and therefore save those little things, (and sometimes bigger moments too) to look back on properly in years to come. The chance to have a series that will reignite a long forgotten memory, a feeling that we lived through, just an opportunity to remember.

So here we go then, my very first ‘ordinary moments’ post


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Well Hi there, 2018!

Here we are, the dawn of a brand new year. All shiny and new with the anticipation and promise of new things things to come. Well hopefully, anyway. If you didn’t read my last blog post on my look back over the last year then take a look here.

I certainly feel ready to start this year with a fresh and clear mind, and to make the most of all the things the year has to offer.

I have a few ‘goals’ in my mind I would like to achieve this year, some are personal to me, others are for the family. I’m a planner, I like to organise, I take notes and I write lists, and the majority of the time I spend just trying to organise my brain. Its a tough job.

So heres a little insight into some of the things I would like to achieve by the end of this year ( I won’t beat myself up if these don’t happen, life’s too short, but I would like to think that I will give it a go);


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A look back at 2017

This time of the year always makes me feel reflective, looking back on everything that we have achieved, all the places we have been and all the memories that we have made along the way. I’m feeling particularly reflective at this moment, partly because I am due back to my paid employment in a couple of weeks. So for me the end of this year also signifies the end of maternity leave as well.

The beginning of this year I was starting to feel pretty fed up, definitely exhausted, I was 7 months pregnant and I was feeling it. I work in retail and that time of year is always the hardest, without being heavily pregnant. The only thing that made this more bareable was becoming an Auntie for the first time to my nephew in January.

I started my maternity leave in the beginning of February and even though I wasn’t at work I could not shake the exhaustion, having a nearly 3 year old does that.  I had a lot of aches and pains with this pregnancy as well which I didn’t get first time around.

Henry had his 3rd birthday in early March, we held a little gathering for his friends and close family to celebrate. We then spent his actual birthday taking his new balance bike to the woods.


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Mollies 9 month update

Mollie has now been in the ‘outside world’ just as long as she was on the inside, that’s quite a milestone. It has gone so much quicker this time around, (and I thought it was quick first time) second time around you don’t have the ‘quiet’ moments to just let everything sink in, with a 3 year old runing around that’s impossible. My last update I did was Mollie’s 6 month update. Have a read if you like.

I now get Mollie weighed as close to her monthly age as possible, just for my curiosity more than anything else. She doesn’t need weighing that much now, I know she’s putting on weight, I’m struggling so much to carry her. At her last weigh in she weighed 19lb 15oz (9.08kg) this was at 8 months, I will add her 9 month weight at her next clinic weigh in.


I’ve been lucky and I know this doesn’t happen often and a lot of parents struggle but both my two children have been very good sleepers. Mollie doesn’t seem to have had any sleep regression, she still sleeps through, she does occasionally stir if she has lost her dummy, or banged the side of the cot.

She goes down to bed between 7/7.15 and then wakes between 6.30 and 7, this hasn’t changed since the last update. She does still have 2 naps most days, her morning nap may only be a max of 30 minutes, she tends to have a much longer afternoon nap of maybe 2 hours. This can change daily dependant on what we are doing, but this doesn’t affect her to greatly, as she does sleep through the night.

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