Happy Half Birthday Moo – (Mollie’s 6 Month Update)

Last week on the 26th of September Mollie turned 6 months. A whole half a year has gone by since she came into this world and joined this little family. The last couple of weeks there seems to have been a huge development from her, well we seem to t


At the last weigh in Mollie weighed in at 18lb 150z (864kg) I haven’t had her length measured since birth, its not something you generally get checked unless you need to. I know the weight seems quite heavy but she was 9lb 14oz when she was born. That still surprises me to this day, no idea how that happened. She’s putting on weight at a nice steady rate, there was a bit of a growth spurt a month or so ago but she seems to have levelled out again. Phew! She is getting heavy. What can I say she likes her milk.


Up to this point Mollie had been feeding every 3 hours and napping twice a day in-between feeds. This was working really well, however if you saw my previous blog post you will know that we started weaning last week. This is going really well, I’m not really surprised by this, I think I could tell straight away that she was going to enjoy food. So far she has enjoyed every mouthful, I wouldn’t even say we are doing ‘first tastes’ as such, she is eating quite a good portion. This has led to her dropping a feed of milk already which has disrupted the nap routine quite a bit. I’m working on trying  get that back in, she definitely needs the sleep.


Within  the last week Mollie has mastered sitting up, with just the odd topple. She decided one evening that the best place to practise that was in the bath. Chris was caught rather off guard with her wobbling all over the place, but with his hands in the bath he let her carry on, she was obviously trying something out. What ever she was doing it worked, the next day she pretty much had it.

Sleeping wise, Mollie sleeps through the night from between 7/7.30pm and wakes between 6.30-7am. She still likes to roll around a lot at night, ending up facing the other end of the cot, she may only stir in the night if she bangs her head or feet mid turn. Other than that she’s been a great sleeper and has been in her own room since about 4 months.


Lastly Mollie is really starting to get her little personality, she is always smiling and beaming away, she loves a good tickle. Mollie has a good few baby sounds I’m convinced she’s working on trying to say ‘mama’, she does have days where she is much quieter. She loves jumping about in her jumperoo (which she has almost outgrown with her long legs). She also loves a good cuddle, and generally pulling and twirling with my hair. Id say her favourite teddy is her white bunny that she takes to bed with her. She also likes her pink Taggie’s comforter.

6 months post partum.

As for me, I’m not yet where I wanted to be, I still have some baby weight to lose, pregnancy does make me extremely hungry and I ate A LOT. Although I am fitting in my pre pregnancy clothes there are a few inches to come off the problem areas. I am finding it very difficult to get motivated to exercise and never seem to find time. (I’ve never really liked much sport, plus I have a dodgy knee) This is something I’m trying to work on I need to do some toning around my ‘mummy tummy’. Most of my stretch marks from this time have faded in colour but are still visible, I don’t mind them at the minute.  Post partum hair loss is still happening, hurry up, I’m over it now.

Jemma x


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