Woodland Nursery Tour

 I wanted to show you our nursery we love it so much, so much so we didn’t change it when we were expecting Mollie.


A bit of background first, we moved into our current house when I was 4 months pregnant with Henry. As for the house, we were very lucky it came up when it did, the kitchen and bathroom had been newly done so there was no decorating needed. As of now the only rooms we have done have been the nursery and Henry’s current bedroom, mostly because we know that we plan on moving again soon.
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A Whole Lot Of Bricks.

Chris has always been a fan of Lego having had a lot of it when he was a child. As he still has a soft spot for it (ask a lot of males of a certain age you might see the same glint in their eye) we always thought we would take Henry here when he was the right age. When he turned 3 in March we decided this age might be a good time to go, we just had to plan it in. Theme parks are quite exhausting so we knew an all day trip, there and back again with a 6 month old in tow, may be a bit of a mission. The sensible option was to stay in the hotel the night before to make it easier and less tiring.


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