Be Thankful This Thanksgiving.

As you know I’m from the UK, Essex to be precise so Thanksgiving is not something we usually celebrate here. However I looked through my diary the other day and I noted that it said Thanksgiving was coming up, this got me thinking. Dangerous, I know! What have I got to be Thankful for? Yes there is a lot, but apart from the obvious, my family, my husband, my children etc, one thing kept springing to mind, ‘Mummy club’. This is where this post gets a little self-indulgent perhaps.

What is ‘mummy club?’ It’s probably not as interesting as it sounds but for me (and I’m sure the others would agree) it’s been crucial and has possibly been the biggest support system I could have hoped for during motherhood.

Let me elaborate, when I was pregnant in 2013 with Henry a friend of mine who I worked with was also pregnant. At that time, she was the only other person I knew who was. She became a bit of a walking pregnancy expert for me, she was ahead by a few months, so everything I was going through, she already had, and it was still fresh in her mind. Yes, our pregnancies were different, she had sickness, I didn’t for example, but having her there, going through it at the same time was Amazing. Add a couple of months and my closest friend then became pregnant. These 2 women didn’t know each other but they both helped me a lot on different levels.


Fast forward to a few months after the children were born we all met up at a sensory room for the first time, this is where I met the last ‘member’. She knew my work friend, and it turns out we are second cousins, we share the same great Grandad. Small world! After that we started to meet up quite a lot on maternity leave and set up a messenger group.


In the early days this was brilliant, we all used that group for advice, general chit- chat, ranting and raving and organising meet ups. Even if we didn’t manage a meet up we were always talking as a group throughout the time. That in itself kept my sanity, gave me help when I needed it, lifted me up when I was having a bad day.


4 years down the line and we still have a group chat, although we upgraded to WhatsApp (check us out). We meet up as often as we can (in between work and preschool).  We also welcomed my sister into the fold earlier this year and she has been on a few of our play dates. We’ve shared Christmas parties, birthdays, days out, we even managed Halloween this year (go us!)

I will say for me the group chat is even more vital now than it ever was, we now have 3 year olds to contend with and they are all starting school next year. Three of us have a second child but having the older children all the same age, sharing the same stage of life is so special.

The children have all become good friends along the way and it’s nice to know that when they are in school they will hopefully still see each other and still have that friendship.


Without going on too much more the point I wanted to say is from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you all for embracing ‘mummy club’, if you hadn’t we wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank you for all being open and honest when we talk, and for sharing advice. Thank you for all sharing the good moments, and the bad ones, for being there when we all need to let off steam, have a moan, and rant about life and our kids. Thank you for the days out, the parties, the memories and most of all thank you for the friendship. I don’t think this motherhood train could have been as smooth without you all on it too.

So Thank-you and here’s to ‘surviving’ many more years together on this crazy motherhood train.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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