A Look Back At 2017

This time of the year always makes me feel reflective, looking back on everything that we have achieved, all the places we have been and all the memories that we have made along the way. I’m feeling particularly reflective at this moment, partly because I am due back to my paid employment in a couple of weeks. So for me the end of this year also signifies the end of maternity leave as well.

The beginning of this year I was starting to feel pretty fed up, definitely exhausted, I was 7 months pregnant and I was feeling it. I work in retail and that time of year is always the hardest, without being heavily pregnant. The only thing that made this more bareable was becoming an Auntie for the first time to my nephew in January.

I started my maternity leave in the beginning of February and even though I wasn’t at work I could not shake the exhaustion, having a nearly 3 year old does that.  I had a lot of aches and pains with this pregnancy as well which I didn’t get first time around.

Henry had his 3rd birthday in early March, we held a little gathering for his friends and close family to celebrate. We then spent his actual birthday taking his new balance bike to the woods.


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Mollies 9 Month Update

Mollie has now been in the ‘outside world’ just as long as she was on the inside, that’s quite a milestone. It has gone so much quicker this time around, (and I thought it was quick first time) second time around you don’t have the ‘quiet’ moments to just let everything sink in, with a 3 year old running around that’s impossible. My last update I did was Mollie’s 6 month update. Have a read if you like.

I now get Mollie weighed as close to her monthly age as possible, just for my curiosity more than anything else. She doesn’t need weighing that much now, I know she’s putting on weight, I’m struggling so much to carry her. At her last weigh in she weighed 19lb 15oz (9.08kg) this was at 8 months.


I’ve been lucky and I know this doesn’t happen often and a lot of parents struggle but both my two children have been very good sleepers. Mollie doesn’t seem to have had any sleep regression, she still sleeps through, she does occasionally stir if she has lost her dummy, or banged the side of the cot.

She goes down to bed between 7/7.15 and then wakes between 6.30 and 7, this hasn’t changed since the last update. She does still have 2 naps most days, her morning nap may only be a max of 30 minutes, she tends to have a much longer afternoon nap of maybe 2 hours. This can change daily dependant on what we are doing, but this doesn’t affect her to greatly, as she does sleep through the night.

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Christmas Gifts – 9 Month Old Girl.

My previous post Christmas gifts – 3 year old boy. was a look at what we have got our son for Christmas. I hope it was useful to anyone who may have needed a little inspiration. In this post you’ll see what we have got our daughter this year. She’s only 9 months old so she doesn’t need a lot of gifts. We have a lot of baby toys that we had saved from when Henry was a baby.

Stocking fillers.


As with Henry’s stocking I don’t remember where we got it but there are plenty of different styles of stocking available to get in most retailers.

The bath squirters came from Homesense at £3.99.

The rattle came from Asda, it doesn’t appear to be online. We paid £1.50 for it.

Weebledown Farm Cow weeble £6.99 from Amazon. Continue reading

Christmas Gifts – 3 Year Old Boy.

This is the first year that Henry has really started to understand about Santa Claus and what happens at Christmas. When we got our decorations down and I started to explain how Santa gets in our house as we don’t have a chimney (he uses the magic key that we put outside, and only his magic fingers can transform the key into one that fits our door) he was truly fascinated.

As for a Christmas list up until a few weeks ago he kept changing his mind as to what he wanted so we decided to start collecting some bits and wait for him to make his mind up.

We always do a Christmas stocking that will be placed in his room and Santa will fill this up with small goodies. We’ve been unsure as to the main presents, what’s the correct protocol when it comes to Santa’s gifts?? Such a small thing but it gets embedded in their brain you have to make sure you get it right for yourself. You don’t want to slip up a few months down the line and tell them you got something when they think Santa did. What do you all do??

We have decided to divide up what we have and some will be from Santa, wrapped in separate paper, and the others from us? I’ve no idea if this is gonna work.

Stocking fillers.


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