Christmas Gifts 2017 – 3 Year Old Boy.

This is the first year that H has really started to understand about Santa Claus and what happens at Christmas. When we got our decorations down and I started to explain how Santa gets in our house as we don’t have a chimney (he uses the magic key that we put outside, and only his magic fingers can transform the key into one that fits our door) he was truly fascinated.

As for a Christmas list up until a few weeks ago he kept changing his mind as to what he wanted so we decided to start collecting some bits and wait for him to make his mind up.

We always do a Christmas stocking that will be placed in his room and Santa will fill this up with small goodies. We’ve been unsure as to the main presents, what’s the correct protocol when it comes to Santa’s gifts?? Such a small thing but it gets embedded in their brain you have to make sure you get it right for yourself. You don’t want to slip up a few months down the line and tell them you got something when they think Santa did. What do you all do??

We have decided to divide up what we have and some will be from Santa, wrapped in separate paper, and the others from us? I’ve no idea if this is gonna work.

Stocking fillers.


None of these gifts will be wrapped in the stocking so it’s easier for him first thing in the morning.

We bought the stocking on H’s first Christmas and I don’t remember where we got it from but you can find some lovely ones here.

Postman Pat Figure set was £3.99 from Toys ‘r us. Its available here on Amazon.

The Matchbox car, Thomas mini, Spider-Man bag and Toy story bag all came from Poundland.

The Lego juniors packet came from our trip at Legoland Windsor, you can read about it in A whole lot of Bricks.

Star Wars blind bag £1 from The Entertainer.

Grossery gang £2.50 from Wilkos but you can find a selection of these on Amazon.

We won the Minion egg again from a recent trip to the arcades.

You can find lots of different variations of surprise bags in many retailers, we have seen them in all large supermarkets and most toy retailers. So you should be able to find a good selection if you are looking for some.


For some of H’s other presents (I’m not able to show everything, I had wrapped a few already, forgetting that I was doing a post) we had to start buying some before he could make his mind up. He has now actually asked for some Octanauts and postman Pat toys.

Gup-I transforming vehicle £34.99 from The Range, you can find a selection of Octonauts toys on Amazon.

Snapping crocodile game £5.99 from Smyths toys.

VTech Kidizoom camera £39.99 from Argos.

Batman soft toy £29.99 from Amazon. We actually won this in some arcades but I have found similar that you can buy.

Sing dvd £6.99 from Amazon.

The Gruffalos child £5.24 from Amazon.

The Grossery Gang £9.95 from Amazon.

Marvel t-shirt £7.00 from George at Asda.

As I said this is just a selection of some of the things we have got H and I hope this has given you some inspiration of what to get a nearly 4 year old if you are getting stuck. We also managed to get a few things from EBay too so don’t forget to have a look there, there are sometimes some really good deals to be had.

Jemma x

Disclaimer – At the time of writing this post the prices for items shown are the prices that we paid for them. Please be aware that the prices shown may vary to the ones shown on the websites.


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