Mollies 9 Month Update

Mollie has now been in the ‘outside world’ just as long as she was on the inside, that’s quite a milestone. It has gone so much quicker this time around, (and I thought it was quick first time) second time around you don’t have the ‘quiet’ moments to just let everything sink in, with a 3 year old running around that’s impossible. My last update I did was Mollie’s 6 month update. Have a read if you like.

I now get Mollie weighed as close to her monthly age as possible, just for my curiosity more than anything else. She doesn’t need weighing that much now, I know she’s putting on weight, I’m struggling so much to carry her. At her last weigh in she weighed 19lb 15oz (9.08kg) this was at 8 months.


I’ve been lucky and I know this doesn’t happen often and a lot of parents struggle but both my two children have been very good sleepers. Mollie doesn’t seem to have had any sleep regression, she still sleeps through, she does occasionally stir if she has lost her dummy, or banged the side of the cot.

She goes down to bed between 7/7.15 and then wakes between 6.30 and 7, this hasn’t changed since the last update. She does still have 2 naps most days, her morning nap may only be a max of 30 minutes, she tends to have a much longer afternoon nap of maybe 2 hours. This can change daily dependant on what we are doing, but this doesn’t affect her to greatly, as she does sleep through the night.

When we get up in the morning Mollie still has a milk feed although she now stops part way through to have her breakfast, which at the moment is baby porridge. She wasn’t too keen on weetabix, but I shall try that again at some point. She is now eating really well and she enjoys feeding herself, (me not so much, she likes to take a bite and throw the rest around the room). She really likes sandwiches with cheese spread, egg, or a thin layer of tuna and mayonnaise ( that’s the worst to pick up off the floor). We don’t always have a family dinner that is suitable for her to eat so I still have a batch of dinners in the freezer for her. Although none of it is blended anymore, she is eaten small solid lumps. I do blend her some fruit though, she does like to eat fruit this way as a dessert.

Mollie is not yet trying to move about, she is getting frustrated that she can’t do it, she just hasn’t worked out what she needs to do. She does like her walker that she can stand in, and she still loves her jumperoo, which is going to need to be dismantled, she is far too big for it now. The last few days she has really liked standing up with support and I’m hoping this might just give her enough desire to start trying to move about a bit.

Mollie is still a really happy little girl, although she is starting to develop a bit of separation anxiety when I am not in the same room. She is quite clingy with me, so I’m not entirely sure how this is going to work when I go back to work.


She still has her favourite soft toy which is her white bunny, and she is starting to want to interact a bit more with Henry’s toys and he does occasionally let her share. Although we are yet to see him  initiate some interaction or game play with her.

9 months Post Partum 

For me I don’t think there has been much change, I’m still carrying that extra ‘baby weight’ on my problem areas, I’m Ok with it at the minute, I’m managing to hide it well (high waisted jeans have been the answer, it’s like wearing Spanx all the time). I’m yet to tackle any real exercise routine but that’s something I’m hoping to work on next year, as well as trying to be more active in general. I’m hoping that will help with the trouble areas. I’m trying to not let it get to me too much, but yes, I am still aware of it.

The last week or two I finally think my hair has started to settle,  I don’t think I’m losing as much as I was, which is great it means the ‘second fringe’ I have going on under my real one might actually meet up with my real one. Instead of the weird two layer fringe I have going on. The texture of my hair has changed though, and it feels a little wirey in places. I’m trying to help that with conditioning hair masks.

Are there any tips or tricks to trying to tame the hair regrowth, it’s bizarre and has its own mind? Let me know in the comments.

Jemma x


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