Why I’m loving Tuesdays – Ordinary Moments 18 #7

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already done my shift at work.

One minute its snowing the next its glorious sunshine. What is that about? Anyway I digress.

Before I went back to work Tuesday was the day I got Mollie one to one as Henry is at playgroup for the whole day. I really loved having that time with her, as she rarely gets one on one time with anyone. You really notice how different that is second time around. I sometimes feel a bit like I have to schedule in one on one time with her, Henry just takes up so much attention.

Of course on these days during nap time it was a good chance for me to have a complete switch off for an hour or so, or get some chores done. Either way the house would be eerily quiet. I quite liked it though, it reminded me a little of how quiet it was before having children.

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Party time – Ordinary Moments 18 #6

On Saturday Henry had his first birthday party to go to that was outside of our ‘mummy club’ friends. It was a girl at Henrys playgroup, and she was having a party in a soft play barn. We’ve been to this barn before but not experienced a party there before.

Henry was so excited, this girl is one of his ‘best friends’ at playgroup, the party wasn’t until after lunch but he was raring to go as soon as he got up.

When we arrived he went straight into the soft play, I could hear him screaming with excitement, and calling everyone’s name. It was brilliant to watch, we have been out many times with other children, but not this group. He was a whole new level of excited.


*Apologies for this awful, blurry photo, he was so excited he wouldn’t stand still, this pose came out of nowhere, and he was off again. I couldn’t, not use it, it was a must, his face was just pure in the moment, delight.

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Sealife Adventure Southend and arcades.

It’s official we have made a start on The Bucket list 2018, it’s a small start, but it’s a start nonetheless. While we wait for the weather to improve a bit, we are still very much doing indoor activities.

Henry has got really into watching Octonauts lately so the obvious choice for us was to take him to our local Sealife Adventure in Southend-on-Sea. We had told him in advance about the visit, so he was looking forward to it, he wanted to see some manta rays, sharks and of course a blue whale!

EHH! I did have to tell him quite often leading up to the visit that you don’t see blue whales in a sealife centre. I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe me.

For visits like this we often check prices first online to see if there is a discount for buying online and luckily there was. We opted for the family ticket of 2 adults and 1 child (Mollie is under 90cm so they don’t charge), the price is £32 on the website, when we entered the ticket option it then gave us the discount. So if your planning the visit its worth checking first.

Slightly behind schedule we got there just after 10am, it’s quite a simple entry process as we had the tickets already we just had to get our wristbands, which allows you access all day. That’s worth noting, you may want to come in and out, there are various feeding displays scheduled throughout the day.

As you enter the attraction they have added 2 new outdoor exhibits, meerkats and penguins you actually go above these first. If you are expecting to spend a lot of time here, looking at lots of displays etc, word of warning, its a small.

For us much of the actual exhibits went by in a bit of a haze, Henry would look at one tank and within a minute or so he was off to the next one. Honestly I think we got round the whole thing in record time.


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Bath time bonding – Ordinary moments 18 #5

Henry asked the other night for Mollie to have a bath with him, we’ve done it before so it’s not totally out of the ordinary. We run the bath as usual and Henry went in first, picking out an assortment of bath toys.

Considering Mollie hated having a bath when she was really small she loves them now. She gets so excited before her bath.

Her face was a total picture when she realised Henry was in there as well. She absolutely loved it, she loved having him so close to her. She dotes on him completely, he doesnt always give much back. But in that moment they were together, they were playing, they were splashing. They were enjoying each others company.  Henry was making her laugh and he was sharing quite happily with her. She was in little baby bliss, she was laughing and giggling her little head off the whole time.

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Me and Mine Project – January roundup 18

Another new project for me, if you don’t know about the Me and Mine project already it’s quite simple. In essence, capturing your entire family in a photograph, once a month. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

What I like about it is the purpose behind it.

One day your children will look back at photographs of themselves and they will want to see photos of you, their parents, in them as well. I don’t want to be the one missing from those pictures, (I’m always taking them, I’m quite camera-shy, I hate having my picture taken, I have a lazy eyelid, which renders me looking half cut, most of the time, which is ridic’ because I hardly ever drink).

I don’t want to keep making excuses or waiting for the perfect moment or right lighting, or whatever. I need to be present in these now. So as a sort of kick up the bum from myself to myself, I’m joining in. If you want to find out more about the original concept read it here. Lucy at Dear Beautiful explains it so perfectly in her summary, and that just clarified for me, why I want to do it.

 ‘So stop making excuses… get in front of that camera with your loved ones!’ -Lucy at Dear Beautiful.

Enough said.

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