Me and Mine Project – February roundup 18

February! How are we at the end of February already? Here we are for another Me and Mine project, if you’re unsure what it’s about read my previous post here

It’s been another quiet month. Since both my children are March babies and my husband and I have birthdays in April, January and February tend to be the calm before the chaos.

We started the month with a trip to the Sealife Adventure Southend and arcades. That’s where we took January’s photos for Me and Mine Project – January roundup 18, may have been a couple of days late for that one.


The following weekend Henry had his first birthday party to go to. He had such a wonderful time.

Our mid-week at the moment seem to be much the same. I work Monday to Wednesday mornings and Henry has his playgroup Tuesday all day and Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


I’m ready for the weather to change a bit now so we can try to make use of the afternoons, but the weather just hasn’t been kind to us. The rest of the month not an awful lot happened, I know that the next few months are going to be a bit hectic so I have been trying to savour the last of the slower days, at least for the while anyway.

With that in mind we have been busy planning for the rest of the year instead. We’ve managed to get a good few things booked up which should keep us busy for the foreseeable and it ticks a few things off our Bucket list 2018.


This months photo was taken on a ‘snow day’ the last day of the month. I wasn’t happy with the previous photos so I had them retaken. I’m going to try to plan next months photos in properly, but don’t hold me to it. It’s a work in progress.

We all look a bit dishevelled, you can thank ‘The Beast of the East‘ for that.

But this is us, real life, at home and honest. Not looking our best selves, all have a degree of bad snow hair, not all looking at the camera either. But that’s ok, its real.

Jemma x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful



3 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project – February roundup 18

  1. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor says:

    I love the real ones we did that last month just on our sofa a random set of fun family photos that’s why I love this project so much they don’t have to be picture perfect and set up either. Looks and sounds like you are having fun that’s what matters Sorry for late commenting catching up today. 🙂 #meandmineproejct


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