Dino Charger, Ready! – Ordinary Moments 18 #10

The ‘Beast from the East’ made another visit the weekend, nowhere near as bad as last time but it was still extremely cold. Apart from a food shop we had no plans all weekend (partly due to next weekend business). We stayed in, and did very little, that was all part of the plan, the weather just confirmed it.

At some point last week we had caught an episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. Henry had never seen any before but had heard of it, his friends at playgroup often play it while they are waiting to go in. So he has a very vague idea. He watched the episode and was very intrigued. So inevitably at some point on Saturday he asked to watch it again. Thankfully (or not, I haven’t made my mind up) we found both seasons of it on Netflix.

I think you can probably guess what happened next.

img_5267In the course of the weekend we have watched an entire first season. I’m off this week and Henry has no playgroup on Monday either so we got through a chunk of season 2 then too. He’s absolutely hooked (maybe me too, I hated it in the 90s)

It’s really sparked his imagination. He’s not one for doing a lot of role play type games at home, but something he saw set him off, and in between episodes he was running around, jumping and shouting out the catchphrases. He found an old toy watch he turned into a Dino Charger and his foam sword he used as a weapon. Some of the moves he was doing, I’ve never seen him move like that, it was a real joy to watch. He was absolutely loving it, and it was so refreshing to see him doing/playing something other than cars.

However, in the midst of all that I feel like I’ve lost a week of my life, I’ve lost all sense of time. Having that on for 3 days and not going out, felt like a total disconnect from reality. Which was kind of nice in a way.

Yet to see his interest and his enjoyment grow with each episode, has been a real pleasure, he’s liked the dinosaurs too, (which is great, I have always had a soft spot for dinosaurs myself). Maybe we can use it to spark a deeper interest in dinosaurs.


I’m sure there are a lot of people who would disagree with the amount of ‘screen time’ he had over this weekend, but the way I see it, he’s seen something he has really enjoyed. That’s sparked his imagination to turn it into a game, he’s learnt some stuff about dinosaurs which he has been interested in. Which hopefully we can develop somehow. After all of that, he’s only this age for such a small amount of time, and he has had so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t see too much of an issue with it myself.

I’m sure when the weather turns and finally starts warmer up we will be outside again most of the time.

And Yes, I am now on the hunt for a Dino Charger toy.

Jemma x

The Ordinary Moments


4 thoughts on “Dino Charger, Ready! – Ordinary Moments 18 #10

  1. mudpiefridays says:

    To me if they find something they love then I can’t see the harm. Monkey is hooked on dinosaur train! But he knows all the names and what era they are from so he’s learning too. Xx #OrdinaryMoments


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