Birthday Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl.

What do you get a 1 year old for her first birthday when they have an older sibling?

That was the biggest question we had when choosing birthday presents for Mollie. We kept virtually everything we had for Henry when he was a baby and ever since Mollie was about 4 months old we have had all these toys out for her.

There is a whole array of stuff, shape sorters of various descriptions, and anything and everything that makes a noise. That was before you add in that we had Christmas a few months ago, and yes we did get a few more things then. So what did we do?

We just decided where possible to limit presents. She is only 1 so luckily has no concept of what is going to happen. The obvious thing to start with was some clothing, she grows out of her clothes very quickly so it seemed like a sensible idea as a starting point;


Printed frill dress was from George at Asda for £5.00.

3 pack assorted tops was from George at Asda for £9.00.

Printed leggings was from George at Asda for £5.50.


Set of 3 tshirts was from George at Asda for £7.00.

Crew neck pale pink cardigan was from George at Asda for £6.

Green embroidered dress and leggings was from George at Asda for £9.00.


Chicco Animal cottage shape sorter was from Amazon at £12.00.

Battat pop up animal was from Smyths toys and was £9.99.

Fluffy kitten book was from Amazon for £4.98.

It really doesn’t look like much but it was so difficult to get toys when we had a variation of everything we looked at already at home. So by keeping it simple we have hopefully managed to avoid any duplicates. She really isn’t going to know any different anyway because she’s still so small. Hopefully that helps if your having a bit of trouble.

What did you do if you had an older sibling?

Jemma x



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