Mollies 1 Year Update

A whole year, boy, did that fly by fast!

A whole year ago I was on the verge of having Mollie forcibly removed via an impending induction. Thankfully she decided to come on her own but left me right until the 11th hour, I was actually in hospital ready to start the induction process when it all started.

That could well be another blog post at later date so watch this space.

The last update I did was Mollies 9 month update and that seems like a lifetime ago, if you want to read even further then go and check out Mollie’s 6 month update. It’s quite astonishing how much they learn over such a short amount of time.

I’m still getting Mollie weighed each time she goes up a months age, but now she is one I probably wont be going as often as that. Maybe every couple of months. I’m at the point now where I can barely carry her, just getting her up the stairs is becoming a real challenge. She now weighs 22lb 10oz (10.02kg), which sounds an awful lot. So I did a comparison and Henry weighed this at about 15 months. That’s shocking to me, but then again she did start off  2lb heavier.


Just like her previous update she is still a really good sleeper, she’ll go down just after 7.15 and generally sleeps right round until 6ish. She can then be persuaded on most occasions to go back for another hour. This I’m expecting to change as the mornings get lighter earlier. The nursery she is in gets light as soon as the sun starts coming up, and both Mollie and Henry are light sensitive. As in, as soon as the light starts coming in through the blinds they start waking up, which is very like me.

She is still having 2 naps a day most days, and it’s not changed much from last time. A maximum of about 40 minutes in the morning and anywhere between an hour or 2 in the afternoon. If we are out and about for the day she can skip a nap and it doesn’t usually cause too much of an issue at bedtime, luckily.

When we go downstairs in the morning Mollie still likes to have a milk feed before breakfast. As I write this now its still in a bottle but I am looking to change into a cup of some sort very soon.

For breakfast she will either have some toast, weetabix, oats or maybe a crumpet. The last couple of mornings however she’s decided she doesn’t want anything at all. She’s going through a bit of a fussy stage at lunchtime too she’s decided she can now shake her head ‘no’ to a lot of food, she appears to have gone off sandwiches. She was eating them fine up to about a week or so ago, I’m hoping it’s a little blip. We eat a lot of sandwiches at lunch, as you do. What else to make other than that baffles me.

Other than that she is now eating virtually all family meals, and she eats everything as its prepared. Some of her favourite foods at the moment are tuna and pasta, strawberries, yoghurt and a little bit of custard.


In the last few weeks while sitting Mollie is really starting to attempt to move, it’s not quite working yet, she ends up in a full splits position. The desire to do it though is definitely getting stronger. She has finally taken a couple of steps with support now, she looks a little bit like Bambi when he is trying to walk on ice, but she’s trying. So it can only get better from now. I still doubt she will crawl, she gets down in her belly and can then get up onto all fours, but she doesn’t seem to know what to do when she gets there. So we will see on that one.

Mollie is still a very happy, contented little soul. She is developing a bit more of a cheeky personality, (particularly at eating time, she throws her food around the floor, when she knows you’re looking).


Her relationship with Henry is still a little bit of a slow burner but it is improving and even though Henry doesn’t like to share, he does do it if reminded. He has even given her 2 cars that she can play with all the time. I have seen him play with her off his own back so that’s a vast improvement. He is still the only one who can get her into fits of giggles, and she still absolutely adores him.

Post Partum

This is going to sound an awful lot like last update, but nothing really has changed. The regrowth on my hair seems to have reached normal levels and it’s not falling out that much now at all. Which is great, I think my fringe has settled too mostly.

I am still carrying excess weight, and no, I haven’t attempted any form of exercise yet either. Poor excuse I know but at the minute I can’t seem to find the time, or the motivation. It’s not one of my top priorities at this moment.

I have been more aware of my monthly visitor though, I am getting much more pains than I did before Mollie. I was having them after she was born but I thought they would die down but its been nearly a year now and it looks like it’s just part of my cycle. Sometimes they are intensely sharp, almost like a contraction in itself. It can catch me off guard and doesn’t last to long but does make me stop in my tracks. Fun, huh.

Jemma x



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