Happy 1st Birthday Moo

Last year Mollie came into this world on Mothers day, and what a Mothers day. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to have her on that day, I was due to be induced. So I had no idea. My last post I wrote a Mollies 1 year update if you want to have a read.

At the weekend we planned to give Mollie a 1st birthday much like her older brother had for his. A gathering of family and friends to celebrate that first big milestone.

So the night before we tidied up and set to work putting up some crepe paper chains and blowing up balloons. All ready for the party the next day.

It was Sunday so Henry still had a swimming lesson so he did that and when they came back we set the rest of the decorations. Nothing to fancy just some banners and a party table cloth.

It was so lovely to have so many important people all together in one house. It warms my heart to know that even after 4 and a half years ‘mummy club’ is still so important to us that we still try and make to each others special occasions. Even if we miss regular play dates.

Mollie wasn’t too overwhelmed by the amount of people, although she may have been a little confused as to why there was a lot of people. All the older children were playing really nicely together too.


img_0996Everyone tucked into some food and not long after that it was time for cake. Her face was a picture, she couldn’t have looked less impressed if she tried. I’ve never seen a birthday cake get consumed in such a short amount of time. For a brief minute the house was quiet while cake was eaten. She had missed her morning nap entirely so it was inevitable she crashed out not too long after this. I don’t think she napped for long, she didn’t want to miss anything.

Thankfully the weather stayed dry and we were able to let the older children out into the garden to run off some steam. That couldn’t have worked better we had some balls out and the bubble machine.



When Mollie woke up we sat her down to open some presents. She didn’t manage that much, the older children were a little over excited and I think she got a little overwhelmed at this point.


At the end of the party everyone left with their party bags, except the first person to leave, (they always leave with no bag, because I always forget to give it out). I think everyone had a good time, I know Henry did and I like to think that Mollie did too.

Jemma x



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