Me And Mine project – March Roundup 18

Its Me and Mine project time, and March is over. We are a quarter through the year already. I seem to say it every month but it’s so true, its flying by. I don’t know if that’s more noticeable this year, I’m not in that ‘newborn baby bubble’ that I had last year. So I’m more aware of it. If you fancy a catch up have a read of last months Me and Mine Project – February roundup 18. If you want to go even further back you can read my very first one Me and Mine Project – January roundup 18 too.

So what have we been up to this month?

Its been a busy one, we spent the first part of the month preparing for both the children’s birthdays. Yes, they are both in March and no, that wasn’t part of the ‘plan’, but hey, what can you do. My strategy, try to be extremely organised, just about managed it this year, Phew! 

We haven’t been out as much as we would have liked, the weather seems to have forgotten it should have been the start of Spring and we’ve had bouts of snow. Plus with birthday prep in full mode, something had to give.

C9726A3E-D18C-4243-A205-DB9D8ABC6477We had a couple of days of birthday plans for Henry and you can read about them in Big boys bike – Ordinary moments 18 #9 and 4th Birthday and an interview with my 4 year old. Then it was back to normality of work and playgroup and another sprinkling of snow for good measure for the week. Then we had a last ditch attempt to finish off sorting Mollies birthday plans.

Mollies birthday weekend we had a party at home for all our family and friends, you can read more about it in Happy 1st Birthday Moo.

That seemed to be the best opportunity this month to get the photos for Me and Mine. They were taken just before all our party guests arrived. In the last moments of preparation a little snapshot. I actually liked both of these and couldn’t pick between the 2 especially as in each of them there’s at least one of us not looking the right way. Will get the hang of it eventually, Ha!


I’m really enjoying looking back at these photos already and I’ve only been doing it 2 months. I’m really looking forward to seeing a whole years worth of photos and to see what we have been up to on a monthly basis.

I’ve seen some really beautiful Me and Mine photos and they just impress me so much. It makes me want to try harder to capture something really lovely. At the same time I also really like the ones like this, that are captured in the midst of real life in a rare spare moment. kind of taken on a whim. Let’s see what the next few months can inspire me to capture, I’m ready for you April.

Jemma x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful



4 thoughts on “Me And Mine project – March Roundup 18

    • allthingsjargom says:

      If you can take more as a family do. I didn’t realise how many I wasn’t in until I’m trying to take one at least once a month.


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