A Break From The Rain – Ordinary Moments 18 #11

We have had an awful lot of rain lately and very little sunshine to break it up, I don’t know if you noticed? HA!

All jokes aside, its been pretty horrible and quite difficult to enjoy being outside when we haven’t had  the opportunity. We have been trying to venture out properly and do some outdoor activities but every time the opportunity has arisen the weather has put a stop to it. This weekend however bought a little break in the weather and although it was fairly windy it was dry and sunny.

We didn’t venture ‘out-out’ (we were planning too, but Mollie woke up with Chicken Pox) so the furthest we got was out in the garden.

We had a little tidy up, cut the grass and Chris got all the bubble mixtures, the bubble machine and the giant bubble wand out. For the few hours after lunch Chris and Henry were playing with the bubbles. Henry loves bubbles and he loves any opportunity that we can get them out.

Henry was in his element. He was actually able to run around in the garden. He needed it, having been stuck indoors for pretty much all of Easter.

It’s such a simple thing isn’t it? But the amount of joy that children (and some adults) get from them is truly astounding.




When Mollie woke from her nap, she came outside as well and she was happy to be getting a little bit of outside air.  She really wanted to join in and walk about, but she’s not actually walking yet, which is very frustrating for her.

We all needed it in the end, it was short lived though we had to come in for dinner and the wind started to pick up. I don’t think it quite cleared everyone’s ‘cabin fever‘ but it helped for a little while. Hopefully some time soon we will be able to get outside and explore properly.

Jemma x

The Ordinary Moments


5 thoughts on “A Break From The Rain – Ordinary Moments 18 #11

    • allthingsjargom says:

      All hail the sunshine 🙌🏻 I’ve never been more grateful for a bit of the yellow stuff. It’s still lingering but it can’t be much longer surely. Hope Troy isn’t suffering to bad with them.


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