Not Quite The Easter Half Term I Had Planned.

This Easter half term did not go as I expected, I had some sort of plan for it, but reality came and intervened and changed everything. For starters Henry was off for 3 weeks instead of 2, so I knew it was going to be a bit trickier to keep him entertained. I was also at work Monday to Wednesday  mornings, so it left limited time to do too much. I thought I would be able to plan in some playdates and get out and go to some Easter half term activities.

Half term started with Mollies first birthday party, and we had some of Henrys friends round too, you can read about that in Happy 1st Birthday Moo. Before everyone arrived we spotted a suspicious looking spot on the back of Henrys neck. About an hour later there was another couple appeared, we started to think it was chicken pox, but couldn’t say for sure as there was only a couple. The party went ahead anyway, everyone had a great time.

The following morning, Sunday, we were up early to go to swimming but as soon as Henry got up it was apparent we were not going. Yep, they were chicken Pox.

With swimming cancelled we stayed indoors as he was still at the contagious stage. As you can imagine that put a halt to any plans I may have had for the first week. Luckily he didn’t suffer too much with the pox, he was only itchy for 1 day, thankfully. To be on the safe side we kept him indoors anyway, so as not to spread it around, plus the weather wasn’t to brilliant either so that confirmed my decision.

Chris was off work from Good Friday through the Easter weekend and we stayed at home throughout. It was tough going, I’m not going to sugar coat that, it was hard.  We were also waiting to see if Mollie was going to come down with chicken pox as her injections were due. I’d already cancelled them during the week whilst we waited to see if she was going to come down with them.


Easter Sunday came and we had set up an Easter egg hunt the night before and I had made up some little Easter baskets which I had left by the stairs, so when Henry got up he could see them.

The Easter egg hunt itself was made of little plastic eggs which we had from last year picked up in pound shops etc. They were filled with small chocolates and some little toys, the sort of things you might use for stocking fillers but small enough for little eggs.

Let me know if you would like to know in more detail about it, and I can write-up a separate post.

Anyway Mollie woke up and started talking in her cot and Henry heard her, so he got up and out his room,  I heard him notice the baskets because he muttered something (not to sure what he said). Then he went into Mollies bedroom and said to her “Mollie, the Easter bunnies been, come look, there’s a basket”.

I was in bed still because he usually comes into us first, but he chose to see Mollie first, I was chuffed, that absolutely made my morning. I was beaming. I hope that’s a sign of what Christmas might be like this year.

Henry came down with his basket and started collecting eggs straight away. He collected all of them in record time, he was running all over the place. He then sorted his and hers out in separate piles. Once they were all open we had breakfast and got dressed. After that the only thing Henry wanted to play was egg hunts and Chris was then re stuffing eggs and hiding them ALL DAY. We also missed a birthday party that was on this day, due to the chicken pox still lingering and us not being sure whether Mollie was carrying it dormant or not yet.

It was my birthday Easter Monday which I had booked off, I’ll be honest and say here it wasn’t the best.

Since having Mollie my hormones have been so up and down sometimes. Some months are fine then others it really puts me on a downer and a really terrible mood. It was just my luck that it was timed perfectly with Easter and my birthday, I was feeling horrendous. My birthday was the worst day for this. The weather hadn’t helped with all the constant rain, it wouldn’t have felt as bad being at home if we could have used the garden. I was also suffering a bit with ‘cabin fever’ and add my hormones it just put me in the worst downer I’ve had in a long time. So thanks for that ‘Aunt Flo’.


Going to work on the Tuesday and Wednesday morning helped with that and it passed after that. Henry went to play at his Nanny and Grandads house on Tuesday, with his big cousin. I think that helped Henry feel less fed up, the change of scenery did him good.

Thursday Mollie had her injections, that’s 4 now, in each limb. That’s such a lot for a little person.

We got home for lunch and the sun came out so I decided to take a trip to a local Bunnings to have a little browse. It felt so nice to get outside for a short time, we bought a plant while there and Henry helped me plant it when we got home. We sat out in the garden while Mollie napped. Henry loved it, it felt like it had been ages since we were outside. Even longer since I’d felt any sunshine. It really helped with the ‘cabin Fever’ we were all still feeling.

It amazes me how much a little bit of sunshine can affect the mood so much. It really does make a difference. I’m trying to remember the sun, I’m writing this now and its grey and drizzly outside. Again!

Friday was another little set back, Mollie was in so much pain from her injections in her legs. Her arms were fine but her legs were burning hot and a bit swollen. She didn’t have a temperature but you could tell she was uncomfortable. She could barely move, she cried every time you picked her up and she didn’t weight bare at all that day. It was heart-breaking to watch, she did have Calpol but I don’t think it helped that much. I don’t remember Henry suffering like that with his injections.

We were hoping to go out Saturday and get out to some woods providing Mollie felt better with her legs. Ironically they were better but reality came and smacked us in the face again, because when Mollie woke up she had Chicken pox. So we were stuck in again, thankfully the sun came out and we could play in the garden.


Mollie woke up with even more spots on Sunday, she was covered and they looked so angry. I think she was starting to get irritated by them too. Henry was back to swimming on Sunday morning and then we had more playing in the garden Sunday afternoon. There wasn’t much else we could do, Mollie just kept coming up in more spots.

There’s a little post about our garden time in A break from the rain – Ordinary Moments 18 #11.

Sunday night was awful, Mollie was so itchy and uncomfortable and we couldn’t get her comfortable or settled. We tried everything we had and nothing was working and she was so tired. I ended up missing work on Monday, I couldn’t go in and leave her she was really suffering. She spent the best part of Monday attached to me, she didn’t want to be put down, she was really miserable and uncomfortable. I was giving her medicine as often as I could and covering her in cream, but nothing seemed to be working. She was getting so upset and irritable and I felt helpless. By the evening shed got a little bit of a temperature too, luckily the Calpol brought that down. Luckily she did got to sleep and had a good nights sleep, which I think really helped.

The last few days were much the same, I was back at work and we stayed in the afternoon while Mollie still had spots coming up.

Here we are on to today, I did manage to pop out for an hour today with both the children and thankfully Mollie is scabbing over now. So it appears we are coming out the other side.

Well done if you’ve made it this far, its been a long (little be ranty) post. I’m not going to make apologies for that, it’s just real life, sometimes it doesn’t always play out as expected. When things can go wrong, life has the potential to throw a whole bunch of things at you at the same time. Don’t get me wrong in the grand scheme of things there are a lot of other people going through a lot worse than our ‘disappointing Easter’. I’m just sharing it with you anyway, not for sympathy, just sharing real life.

I can say that this Easter has been somewhat of a write off, its been difficult, tiring, exhausting and mentally challenging for all of us. The only thing that’s been keeping us going has been the thought of our trip to Centre Parcs in a week and a bit.

Boy, after these few weeks do we all need it.

Jemma x



4 thoughts on “Not Quite The Easter Half Term I Had Planned.

  1. The Mindful MD Mom says:

    Ah, life. A delightful and challenging situation where things rarely go as planned! Well, yall made it through Easter amd hopefully this means a little bit of calm until the next holiday or vacation! Hope your trip goes well. Your kids are so adorable!


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