Park Life – Ordinary Moments 18 #12

Half term is over and the sunshine made an appearance so on Wednesday after Playgroup had finished and once I got home from work, we ventured out. It’s been a long time coming.

We have a nice local nature reserve near to us called Thameside Nature Reserve that’s on the edge of the River Thames and it has a nice play park on it. So that’s where we decided to go with my mum, my sister and baby nephew.

It was early in the afternoon so it was empty, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was glorious, it’s such a nice little spot, it’s surprisingly peaceful as it’s right next to a fairly new port that’s still in development. It’s lovely to hear all the birds singing.

Henry relished being outside, we have not been here for a few months so he was very excited when we arrived. He was playing quite happily with my sister so I took the opportunity to let Mollie have a go on the swing.


It was her first time on a swing and she absolutely loved it. She was giggling away and really enjoying it. It was lovely to see the joy in her face for her first experience of the swing.



We headed inside after a little while for a snack and a drink as it was quite warm outside. We all needed a little rest and it’s a nice little cafe inside too. It has a Essex Wildlife Trust shop inside too. They also run various events here too.

We came back outside for another play before going home, it was such a lovely afternoon. It’ll be so nice to make the most of this place again this year as it’s right on our doorstep. We only found it ourselves last year. I like to think it’s our little hidden gem of a place, while a lot of locals don’t know about it yet.

Do you have anywhere nearby that’s a hidden gem?

Jemma x

The Ordinary Moments

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