Chessington World Of Adventures

While Henry is not yet at school we had decided this year to make the most of any time outside the school holidays we can to go away. Purely because it’s cheaper for us to do so and most places will be less busy. As of September we won’t have that opportunity.

To start that off this year we went and had 2 days at Chessington World of Adventures before our holiday. We booked it in January when there was a special offer on which included the overnight stay and breakfast on Friday morning.

Day 1 at Chessington

Henry missed his session at playgroup on Thursday as that was the first day we had booked. We headed off just after 9 ( a little bit behind schedule, we had to turn back twice, I forgot a couple of things, oops) to miss rush hour traffic.

We hit a little bit of traffic that delayed us even further (bloomin’ M25) and we got there just after 10.50. We were staying in the Safari Hotel in a standard room, so we went and checked in straight away to save us doing it later on.

After check in we were advised to book in for dinner, so we did just that, the main restaurant however didn’t start serving till 6pm and that was too late for us, so we booked in at the Temple Restaurant, that opened at 5. We then walked into the park. If you are staying in the hotel you enter it from a different entrance which walks you through the Amazu.

Henry isn’t that interested in looking at animals yet so we skipped this area to go straight to some rides, we headed for the middle of the park to get our bearings.

That was when Henry saw his first ride that he wanted to go on, it was called Seastorm.


He hadn’t seen it start so we didn’t know what it did, I opted out of this one. (Thank goodness because I would not have liked it, I have terrible motion sickness and I can’t do a lot of rides, even some small ones.) I think Chris was a bit surprised at it, it wasn’t quite what he expected. It was a small boat on a circular track, we just assumed it went up and down and around in a circle. When it started the boats started rotating as well as going up and down.

We started to head in the direction of the Gruffalo ride but the queue was long and Henry didn’t want to wait so we walked past Vampire and into Land of the Dragons. Henry saw another little boat ride Sea Dragons, which I went on with him.

When we tend to go for long days out like this and we know it’s likely to be busy we usually plan to have lunch earlier than most people just to beat the rush. So that’s what we did after this ride, we opted for somewhere simple so The Coffee Hut worked for us. It was reasonably priced and they did offer a kids meal deal which was just what we needed.  There was a couple of tables inside so we sat in to get out of the sun for a bit.

There was a couple of vehicle rides we knew Henry would like so we started off with Toadies Crazy Cars but while Chris and Henry were queuing there were technical issues so they had to shut it. We went around to Zufari instead having a quick go on Flying Jumbos first. There wasn’t a very long queue for Zufari so Chris and Henry went first, I took Mollie into the lookout area to watch the animals. They were quite a while in the ride and when they came out it was because one of the zebras wouldn’t move out the way of the truck so they had to wait for someone to come and move it along.



Henry loved it and wanted to go again so I went on this time with him. The exact same thing happened to us as we were on it too. The ride itself was a truck that took you around a mini safari.

We walked back past Toadies Crazy Cars and it was back up and running so Chris and Henry went onto that one. We took that chance to walk over and see the Gruffalo River Ride, there wasn’t a long line so Chris and Henry went on. I really wanted to try this one, I love the Gruffalo but I had read there was a little drop in the ride and I’m such a wuss that Chris usually goes on first to check it out for me. They both really enjoyed it, Henry didn’t want to go back on it so I was going to wait until the next day to try it.

After that everyone was starting to get a bit tired so we started heading back, we had a quick browse in the gift shop, and Henry wanted to do Seastorm one last time.

We had a little bit of time before dinner was booked so we took the opportunity to head into our room and get refreshed. The room was actually quite spacious and even when we opened out the travel cot there was still plenty of room. Which makes a real difference, if you are staying in the same hotel room as small children.




Dinner itself was a buffet at the Temple Restaurant, I think it was quite pricey for what food was on offer. Honestly I don’t think we were too impressed with the food choice either, Henry is quite a fussy eater and he ended up eating just chips because there wasn’t much else he would eat. There wasn’t much that we could offer Mollie either so that was a bit disappointing. We were all pretty tired after that, so we ended up heading to our room.

Day 2 at Chessington

We started day 2 with breakfast at the hotel it was a self serve continental and cooked breakfast. Which thankfully was much better than dinner. As we were staying in the hotel we were able to enter the park an hour before it opens.

Tip; use this time to go on any popular rides that are open early. 

We did a little walk through the Trail of the Kings first as we made our way back to the middle of the park.


In the middle there was a screen that told you queue lengths of rides but as it wasn’t fully open it showed us which rides were open. The Gruffalo boat ride was open so that’s where we headed. Chris went on with Henry first and I was going to go on after, but when they came out they said it was shut as the ride had got stuck. We never did go back to it later on.

By this point it was nearly coming up to opening time so we went and queued up for Tiny Truckers. It wasn’t too busy once the ride started so Henry got to go on it twice with each of us, which was nice.


We hadn’t been over to the Wild Asia part so that’s where we headed, as we entered there was the Jungle Bus on the left so we stopped so Henry could have a go. It went way to quick for me to get a picture, Henry loved it and went on again. Not far from that was the The Tuk Turmoil which were dodgems.

Henry wanted to go on Zufari again before lunch, we started to walk over to it and went past Tomb Blaster so Chris and Henry had a little go. We decided to grab lunch before going to Zufari. By the time we made it over there, there was a long queue.

Henry was a little disappointed at not being able to go on again. Everyone was getting quite worn out by this point the heat wave had added to that, so we called it a day and decided to head home.

All in all we had a lovely couple of days at Chessington and Henry has already said he wants to go back soon.

Jemma x



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