Centre Parcs Sherwood Activites Reviewed

The last time we stayed at Centre Parcs Elveden I wrote a seperate post about the activities that we tried. I liked the idea of this as it allows for more detail, especially if there is an activity that you may not have tried before. If you would like to read that one you can find it here in Centre Parcs Elveden Reviewed.

Also if you want to read about our whole trip to Sherwood Forest then take a look in An Outlaws Escape – Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest

Woodland Lodge

The lodge we choose to stay in was exactly the same layout as the one we had previously stayed in. This was a deliberate decision to help us settle and we really liked the way it worked for us last time.


The lodge was a quaint two bedroom, open planned style. As you entered your lodge, it opened into a small entrance with a door to the main bathroom on the right. Behind you was a door into a separate toilet. We never used this toilet again this time, so that door never opened. The main living area was directly in front of you with a modern, fully equipped kitchen to your right and lounge area straight in front. The bedrooms are off the kitchen and living area.

Its a cosy little lodge with enough space to feel comfortable without feeling to squashed. We still really liked the layout we were more than happy staying in there again. Which is why we choose the same style this time around



Off road explorers

Priced at £16 for 35 minutes.

The Off-Road Explorers was the same as it was in Elveden Forest, so upon arrival at the activity, you are greeted by your instructors who lead you around the corner for a brief introduction.  A brief rundown on the driving instructions before the children are taken to their little jeep, with one supervising adult. The adults all get given a button on a lanyard which will cut the engine and stop the car if there is an issue. At the back of the jeep is a picture board of all the woodland characters you need to collect throughout the drive.

Before the actual activity there is the practise loop, for getting used to the control of the jeep.



The track itself was similar to the one at Elveden, with a water dips to go through and rough track. At the end of the activity when you have driven the route and collected all your animals, you are parked one by one in front of the picture board for a photo. Everyone then parks up and hands back the lanyards and flat caps. Unfortunately on this occasion there was no certificate or badge.

Mini Captains Adventure

Priced at £20 for 40 minutes

All children and accompanying adult get kitted out with a life jacket and a hat. You are then taken down to the Mini Captains Adventure area off the beach where you then have a brief introduction about the areas of the boat, then you are all given a clipboard with various items to search for on the buoys on the lake. The instructor then leads everyone down to the jetty where you receive your driving instructions and a walkie-talkie. The little boats were brightly coloured and easy to spot out on the lake. All children and adult are then helped onto their boats and sent on their way out into the lake.


The course itself was smaller than the lake at Elveden but it was just as good. Once the allotted time was over the instructor ushers everyone back to dock their boats everyone disembarks and heads back to the meeting point. All equipment is returned and again all the children get given a certificate and a little badge.

Tiny Sports Day

Priced £ at for 45 minutes.

This Tiny Sports Day was  a great activity for helping to burn off some energy. When you arrive for the activity there are several areas set up on the badminton courts. There is a brief introduction and a warm up session, which is essentially run all over the place. The children thoroughly enjoyed that part.



Then the instructor leads the children around the court trying out various different challengers all geared towards each type of sport. On this occasion there was racket and ball, golf clubs and balls and finally a childs cricket bat and ball. Once all the activities are tried they have 5 minutes at the end to try anything again they wanted to before sitting down for a chat at the end.

Football Pool

Priced at £10 for 45 minutes.

This is fairly self explanatory, its a pool table court on the floor and instead of pool balls your playing with footballs.

Adventure Golf

Priced at 9 holes for an adult is £6.50 and a child is £5.50. For the full 18 holes an adult is £7.75 and a child was £6.25.


This is an Adventure Golf course with various different holes set in a Robin hood theme.

Family Putting

Priced at £6.50 for an adult and £5.50 for the child.

This was a 9 hole miniature golf putting range set outside.

Archery – Little Johns and Robin Hood

Priced at £22.50 for 45 minutes.

This Archery was far better than we anticipated. Once you enter the activity you are taken into a room that is really nicely displayed with woodland murals all around the room, helping to set the atmosphere.


Before you start you are given a little introduction and then have a warm up on the practise targets with the supervising adult. Once everyone has had all the goea at the warm up, the instructor then helps to set the tone by telling the story of Robin Hood, before the final challenge of beating the sheriff of Nottingham.


Over at the next part of the activity you are lead to another target area where all the children then work as a team to beat the sheriifs score. Finally when the activity is over the children are then all awarded with a certificate and pin badge.

Jemma x



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