Me And Mine Project – June Roundup 18

Half way through the year already and we’ve had the summer solstice, that’s madness. The nights are going to start drawing in now, should I be saying that? Too soon?

June has been a pretty good month for us overall, we have had some great family adventures, and we have enjoyed some glorious weather to top it off. Which is always a bonus, when you plan things so far in advance.

It didn’t have the best starts however if you read Me and Mine Project – April and May roundup 18 you may remember that I had the worst headache I’ve ever had towards the end of the month. Well it didn’t leave quite yet, it lingered for a few more days into June.

Chris ended up taking the kids to a Sunday bootsale just so I could have some peace and quiet to try and shift it. Eventually it did go, almost as quickly as it appeared and I’m still none the wiser why I had it.

Henry had his graduation and sibling photo done at his playgroup with his gown and cap. He looked so proud standing there in his outfit and it just made me realise how much he has changed since he started at playgroup. I know its pretty obvious but hes such a different child, to the one that started there.

I cant quite believe that I will have a child going to school in September. Im trying so hard not to think about it too much but that’s proving difficult as we have various things to go into the school for. I may do a separate blog post on this at a later date.

One of the days out we have been looking forward to all year was American Speedfest at Brands Hatch and it lived up to all our expectations again. We had such a great time again and I’ve no doubt we will go again next year.


I couldn’t resist this opportunity and for a brief while Henry was willing and Mollie was awake, we had to run with it. Henry loves Disney Cars and he has this toy car and its one of his favourites. We saw it last year and he remembered it so it had to be done.

The middle weekend of the month we had a family wedding to go to, that wasn’t local to us. So we stayed overnight and then did something the next day. The wedding was lovely and it was so nice to have an excuse to get dressed up and do something a little different. Henry had an absolute ball, he was playing with his cousin and dancing and we even got him in the photo booth. By the time we got back to the Premier inn they both went straight to sleep.

We booked Nene Valley Railway a while before the wedding not actually realising it was Fathers Day, but that turned out to be a really lovely Fathers day treat. We were with grandparents for this one and one of the volunteers offered to take a photo. It turned out to be a really nice photo so I thought I would include this in this project too.


I’m finding that its getting easier to get these photos (from my perspective anyway) I’m slowly getting more comfortable in front of the camera. I would still say its very much a working progress but its working nonetheless.

This last weekend we have had a weekend at home just enjoying the sunshine.

Jemma x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful



6 thoughts on “Me And Mine Project – June Roundup 18

  1. About ASD says:

    Sounds like some lovely days out. I know how you feel about having a child starting school in September. I can’t believe we are also meeting that milestone this year!


    • allthingsjargom says:

      It’s just come around so quickly, feels like I’ve not had long enough to mentally prepare. Good luck to us both, let’s hope it’s not too emotional.


  2. emmamc84 says:

    Looks like you had a packed out June!! And I hope the nights aren’t drawing in just yet. I’m enjoying summer far too much !


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