40 Weeks Pregnancy Update

We are here, at 40 weeks. I am a firm believer that this one is not going to come this side of 41 weeks, my babies like my womb too much, I must make a really comfy home. If I’m honest I’m using my scheduled induction date as my countdown. I’ve found it so disheartening and really hard to get to due date and then start counting up how many days over I was. So for me I think it still works out better to count down to a realistic date, and as induction is set it seems like the best way for me to do it, rather than to focus on due date.

In some ways this pregnancy has absolutely flown by and I’ve barely had a chance to think about it. Which is possibly why not much got organised until the last couple of weeks.

Looking back at when we found out all the way back in October it seems like an awful long time ago. So much has happened in the last 9 months. You can read about how we found out in Announcement And First Trimester Update.

38 weeks pregnantI do finally feel that we are as ready as can be now, all hospital bags and my home birth box are all packed. There’s more details on the home birth box in What’s In My Homebirth Box? if you’re interested. Also if you want to see the contents of the babies bag for the hospital you can read that in What’s In Babies Hospital Bag?.

Everything that we already have has been suitably cleaned and its just a waiting game now. That’s finally given me the head space to try and relax a little bit, as I was starting to feel really overwhelmed with the amount I felt we still had to do. There are still a few jobs in the house I wanted to get done before the baby arrives, none of which are urgent but I just thought it would be nice to get them done. Nevertheless they can now wait.

As you can imagine I’m pretty exhausted now, everything is so much effort and uses so much energy. I’m still having trouble with sleep, which has really not been helped with quite a few really sticky, humid nights. I seem to have a good night and then that’s followed by a few bad ones, so I’m not really feeling like I’ve rested enough. You’ve no idea how much I can not wait to sleep on my back with my arms and legs stretched out. I might even ask for the bed to myself for the first night, that’s allowed right?

My heartburn is still very intermittent and it’s mostly gone, I think it mainly just flares up dependant on what I’ve eaten.

40 weeks pregnant

Most of my other symptoms that I mentioned in my 35 Weeks Pregnancy Update have all but disappeared. I’m just getting through each day at a time just to get through the aches and general discomfort.

My braxtons have get stronger again, and for the most part I’ll get some on one day and then the following day might not have any. There’s no pain with them but its a good sign that things are heading the right way.

As for the baby its still moving about nicely, it’s still quite a fidget and now some of the movements have caught me off guard as they have actually hurt a little bit. It’s quite forceful.

I’ve still got no gut feeling what gender this is, other than what I said before in my previous update, that it’s bound to be a boy because we still don’t have any boys names.

Having said all this on comparison to last time I’m still much more comfortable than with M. By the very end I could barely walk I was in so much pain. So for that at least I will be grateful.

As I said before I’m bound to go over, I don’t expect this one to be on time. So positive thoughts for the final stretch. If you’ve gone overdue how did you get through it? Did you keep yourself occupied?

Jemma x

5 thoughts on “40 Weeks Pregnancy Update

  1. Jade says:

    There is nothing worse than waiting especially when everyone keeps asking when you are due. I went 3 days over with both my boys! The heat must be horrible for you I swelled up like a balloon! Just remember it seems awful waiting now but baby really will be here very soon so try and put your feet up in the meantime. xxx


  2. wonderfulprocrastinations says:

    I think that’s a great idea that you’re using your induction date rather than you’re due date. I was 16 days overdue and did not handle it well, I was so grumpy 😂. Keeping my fingers crossed that little one doesn’t leave you waiting too long. It must be so hard in this heat xx


    • allthingsjargom says:

      Wow, 16 over that’s tough. This is true, I’ve been 10 and 12 days over so I know how difficult it can be. So my mentality to continue counting down rather than up seems to be working.


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