American Speedfest At Brands Hatch 2019.

At the beginning of June we went to American Speedfest at Brands Hatch just as we have done for the last few years. It’s become something of an annual event for us so as long as we all still enjoy it I would imagine we will still go. We went with all the grandparents this time and my sister and her family. So it was a whole family event.

If  you are at all interested in last years event you can read it in American Speedfest At Brands Hatch 2018.

I said before in my previous blog post about it that;

The American Speedfest event at Brands Hatch is an American themed vehicle extravaganza, showcasing a whole selection of vehicles from vintage classics, to vehicles from film and tv. Not forgetting the highlight of the NASCAR Wheelan series races as well as live demonstrations from American muscle cars past and present. There’s live music, entertainment and food all helping to create a wonderful experience.”

I don’t think I could describe it any better than that, the event was exactly as expected from last year.

As we have done previously we usually opt for going on the Saturday as its generally less busy for the children. We find it much easier to get around and see things without feeling too crowded, it just works better for us a family. With that in mind we again pre-booked our tickets online. The online price was £18 per adult (expect to pay more on the day at the gate) and children under 13 years of age were free.

Tip – Don’t forget that on Saturday there are slightly less displays and timed events may be different etc. So make sure you check which day is more suitable for you before booking.

We arrived just after 10am but the gates do open at 8am if you really wanted to get there really early. We had already pre selected a couple of on track races we wanted to see so had almost planned our day around those. This meant when we first got there we had time to walk the grounds and have a look at some of the cars.

Engine -Speedfest 19 (2)

Amongst all the car displays there was the fun fair, trade stalls, food and beverage stands, live music, a Wall of Death (yet to see this one) and lots more.

One of our favourite vehicles to see is the Plymouth Superbird. If you are familiar with the Disney movie Cars you would recognise it as ‘The King’ or the Dinoco car as H calls it. Every year we go and look out for it, and it never fails to disappoint. We saw it again on the Live Action Arena doing burnouts. My nephew wasn’t too impressed with the noise from all the engines, but my 2 loved it again. We also make sure we look out for it in the display area later on. Personal favourite of mine too.


As there was so many of us this time we opted to take picnics. There are plenty of areas for you to do this, plenty of people took in deck chairs and even some mini gazebos. Luckily we found a shaded spot and we set down for our picnic, I found this much nicer and I would probably opt to do it that way again. We didn’t enjoy the restaurant experience last time (it felt disorganised as they seemed unprepared for the amount of people that wanted lunch at the same time) but don’t disregard the food stalls as there are some pretty good options there.

On Saturday they open up the race track so you can go down and walk the grid for no extra cost (I believe its pass holders only to do this on Sunday), you can meet the drivers, get autographs and take pictures. This is how H decides who to support during the Nascar race, who ever he gets an autograph and promo photo from is his racer.

After the grid walk we had moved a bit closer to the action for the Nascar race, which believe it or not M slept through the whole thing. Which is a shame as I know she would have loved it. H actually sat through the entire race this time, which I was quite impressed with, as they were sat in full sun and it was over half an hour long, but he really enjoyed it.

Mustang -Speedfest 19 (3)

After the Nascar race we packed up and had a walk around again, this time heading into the trade area. If you have a child who loves toy cars, you’ll not see a bigger choice of toy cars in one place anywhere else. They range from brand new in packaging to second hand, and there was every possible type you could imagine, from vintage vehicles to supercars and everything in between. It’s safe to say we spent quite a while rummaging for cars. I think both of them for spoilt for choice.

By this time it was getting really hot and shade was limited, part of the group had already gone home. We decided to have a last look at some of the cars and then the fairground rides.

Rides - Speedfest 19

I was starting to struggle by this point too, the heat and being on my feet the whole time were starting to affect me. As much as I didn’t want to complain about it, because I knew the children were really enjoying it, I knew it was probably time to head home.

As we headed back to the car there were still so many things that we hadn’t seen or even tried. As the children get older we will be able to stay that little bit longer each time and maybe even try the whole day till closing.

We all had such a great day again and its a no brainer that we will come back next year. It really is a highlight of our year.

Jemma x

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