Me And Mine Project – September and October 19

Well, there we have it, another 2 months and I forgot to do Me and Mine again. Honestly my brain at the moment is totally fried. From one day to the next I have no idea if I’m coming or going, or what day it even is.

Guess this all comes with the territory of having 3 children now. Ha!


So what’s been going on, H went back to school on a Wednesday. Littlest had her 8 week injections, which I think are pretty horrible when they’re so small still. And if you saw my Instagram stories you’ll probably already know that M broke her wrist all in the same week. I’m still not entirely sure how she did it. She fell backward off the bottom stair, which she’s been on a million times. I guess she just misjudged it. I won’t forget the way she cried though, she was shaking and it was horrible. The problem was at the time we were running late for the school run I had to take her to get H. She cried the whole time we were out and looking back I feel awful that I took her all the way to school. But there was no one else to pick him up I had to get there. Cue days and days of mum guilt.

October 19 (1)

After a trip to A&E she was put in a cast and spent much of the next few days trying to get used to not using her right arm. My heart literally sunk when they told me she’d broken it, luckily they said it wouldn’t take too long to heal. It was a challenge for her to try and get used to, she didn’t seem to understand that she wasn’t really meant to be using it too much.

After trying to settle in to a school routine, (with new clubs included as H had started street dance after school and rugby on Saturday mornings) after one of our many appointments that I managed to schedule in for the beginning of September, (who does that?) my car died. It was at my sisters who was babysitting the girls, we came back and pulled up on her drive and everything flashed and died. Just our luck after getting it fitted with passenger air bag disarming lock. We called out a mobile mechanic to do a diagnostic test and it was terminal, so after paying out a few weeks previous it completely died. So we were back to being again for a while, (Chris has a company which he uses during the week so it was me that was mostly affected) whilst we decided what to do.

Once we decided what to do, it then pre occupied a few weekends whilst we drove around looking at cars which took up the rest of the month. Thankfully we were luck enough to find one within a couple of weeks and it didn’t drag on too much.


We sorted out our new car right at the beginning of the month and because we were both so pre occupied with trying to sort on out we both forgot our wedding anniversary. We only remembered because someone gave us a card the day before, so we just said we would leave it this year and not put too much pressure on ourselves to go and get one.

October 19 (2)

The next few weeks went by in a bit of a haze, and before we knew half term was here. Luckily Chris had this one off this time so we had planned a few things in. H was off the first Friday so we ventured to a soft play, which he goes to very rarely now he’s in school.

On the Monday we went to Duxford Imperial War Museum. We’ve been before when he was 3 so he doesn’t remember and he had asked to go back because he wanted to see the tanks. Once we got there he did say that it was the best day of his life! Not entirely sure how we can top that now? We did have a lovely day despite it being freezing.

We had a couple of games of bowling on the Tuesday as they both seem to really enjoy it, and its perfect to do when the weather is rubbish.

Jemma x

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