Bucket List 2020.

I wanted to start the year off on the right foot this January and make a good start on planning. For me I like planning, I like knowing what’s happening, where we are going etc. Admittedly I don’t always see these things through but the intention is always there. I’m not particularly impulsive, I’m an overthinker, an over analyser so being prepared suits me well. I take this with pretty much all aspects of my life. Sometimes its helpful sometimes its not. Hey Ho!

I’ve done a little digging into last Januarys list for this year here in Bucket List For 2019 and even further back in Bucket list 2018. I know straight away there are some things we are not including this year and one of those is Centre Parcs. It is just too far out of our price range during school holidays. I’m gutted about that, H keeps asking to go back and we would love too, its just not realistic at this moment in time. Hopefully that may change. Fingers crossed.

Bucket list 2020

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A Look Back At 2019.

I always start these posts with something along the lines of ‘what a year it’s been’ and again with this year it’s been no different. This is even more significant in a sense as it’s also the end of a decade, and if I look back at that there was a massive change for my life.

At the start of the decade we got engaged. After that it was moving out, marriage, moving house and 3 babies. That’s quite a personal achievement so I cant ignore what a monumental life change that has happened over the past decade.

January and February

As I now look back to the beginning of last year it looked like a year of change, starting with our Announcement And First Trimester Update and I also attempted to delve deeper into my feelings about the blog in Why I Took Some Time Away From The Blog.

I’m not 100% convinced that I feel totally better with it but I’m getting there, and I’m looking forward to working on it and using 2020 to move forward. And hopefully gain some much needed clarity, more on that another time though.

Bucket List and Hopes For 2019

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Bucket List For 2019

At this time of year we go into planing mode, trying to arrange our annual leave dates over the coming year. Unlike last year we have a challenge of  school holidays to contend with. We escaped that last year as H didn’t start school until September so we still had full reign of most of the year, it’s been a challenge to say the least.

Trying to plan family holidays that are restricted to half term is difficult, it really is shocking how much extra you have to pay  for anything in half term. We are going to have to be so much more selective.

I’ve had a look over last years Bucket list 2018 and at some of the places we managed to visit, and  those we didn’t. With that in mind I’ve selected a few we are hoping to visit again.


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A Look Back At 2018.

As I did with this time last year I thought I would take a look back over the year. I find it fascinating and therapeutic to some extent to really take stock of what you have achieved, whether that be personal or otherwise. Sometimes it can be a real eye opener.

In some parts it has been quite difficult, for me mentally, more on that later. I’m bound to forget some things, such is life but I’m hoping I can remember enough to do this justice.

Have a read of last year if you want to read what we got up to in 2017, you can read it here.

At the start of 2018 I went back to my paid employment, it was a transition to say the least. Although the job itself had barely changed there were new faces and a few new technical things to get my head around. It was an adjustment trying to balance that all in with playgroup and work schedule. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to, it was a necessity and I wanted to get settled again as quick as possible in some sort of routine. I knew the longer it took the longer it would be hard to keep going back.


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Not Quite The Easter Half Term I Had Planned.


This Easter half term did not go as I expected, I had some sort of plan for it, but reality came and intervened and changed everything. For starters H was off for 3 weeks instead of 2, so I knew it was going to be a bit trickier to keep him entertained. I was also at work Monday to Wednesday  mornings, so it left limited time to do too much. I thought I would be able to plan in some playdates and get out and go to some Easter half term activities.

Half term started with M’s first birthday party, and we had some of H’s friends round too, you can read about that in Happy 1st Birthday M. Before everyone arrived we spotted a suspicious looking spot on the back of H’s neck. About an hour later there was another couple appeared, we started to think it was chicken pox, but couldn’t say for sure as there was only a couple. The party went ahead anyway, everyone had a great time.

The following morning, Sunday, we were up early to go to swimming but as soon as H got up it was apparent we were not going. Yep, they were chicken Pox.

With swimming cancelled we stayed indoors as he was still at the contagious stage. As you can imagine that put a halt to any plans I may have had for the first week. Luckily he didn’t suffer too much with the pox, he was only itchy for 1 day, thankfully. To be on the safe side we kept him indoors anyway, so as not to spread it around, plus the weather wasn’t to brilliant either so that confirmed my decision.


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Bucket list 2018

We have now started to plan where we would like to take the children over the next year, and attempting to see where we can fit those things in. Sort of a bucket list. Some we have visited and really loved, so it’s a must to go back. I thought I would share some of the places we are aiming to go, have a read you might find something of interest;

American Speedfest, at Brands Hatch, we went here last year a little bit on the whim, I had heard they showcased the Disney Pixar Cars there the year previously and H loves them so we thought we would try it. Unfortunately they didn’t have them last year but they did have the Dinoco Car from the movie. As a day out goes it was amazing, way better than we expected. I’ve not ever had an interest in motor sport but hearing all the Nascar racers start their engines and rev, was quite phenomenal. The noise, I’ve never heard anything like it. It was Fantastic, we are already trying to sort tickets. YES!

Audley end railway, a wonderful place, and we have been several times. it really is one of those places that has an element of magic about it, its the type of atmosphere you need to experience for yourself. Its turned out to be one of my favourite places to visit as a family, I look forward to it every year.

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Well Hi There, 2018!

Here we are, the dawn of a brand new year. All shiny and new with the anticipation and promise of new things things to come. Well hopefully, anyway. If you didn’t read my last blog post on my look back over the last year then take a look here.

I certainly feel ready to start this year with a fresh and clear mind, and to make the most of all the things the year has to offer.

I have a few ‘goals’ in my mind I would like to achieve this year, some are personal to me, others are for the family. I’m a planner, I like to organise, I take notes and I write lists, and the majority of the time I spend just trying to organise my brain. Its a tough job.

So heres a little insight into some of the things I would like to achieve by the end of this year ( I won’t beat myself up if these don’t happen, life’s too short, but I would like to think that I will give it a go);


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