Christmas Gifts – 5 Month Old Girl

I always find it difficult buying presents for a baby and this time around was no different. We have a loft full of age appropriate toys that are in great condition so I didn’t want to go and buy stuff that we already have. After all who needs more than one type of shape sorter.

So we opted for what we usually end up doing and buying more clothing than toys, because she will need bigger clothes theres no denying that.

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Christmas Gifts 2019 – 2 Year Old Girl

Luckily for us this year we had a pretty good idea of some of things to get as in the last few months M has become pretty obsessed with Frozen. That had given me a pretty good starting point. Although I hesitated on getting Frozen 2 merchandise as I wasn’t sure she would accept that as being Anna and Elsa. We did take them to see Frozen 2 and after which she was even more obsessed with ‘New Elsa’. Unfortunately it did mean I had to hunt around for some of the stuff as they were completely out of stock and therefore I missed out on the offer prices.

If you would be interested to see what she has had previously you can see here in Christmas Gifts – 21 Month Old Girl and in Christmas Gifts – 9 Month Old Girl.

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Christmas Gifts 2019 – 5 Year Old Boy

This year we started collecting a couple of things before the Christmas lists were written out to give ourselves a head start. Hoping that what was written on the lists was stuff he had already mentioned and that we had already bought.

When H wrote his list there were only a handful of things on it and much of what was on it we had in fact already managed to get. He did however put down a complete curve ball for us.

I’ve done this posts for the last few years if you were interested to have a look, there you could find some ideas for slightly younger children. You can find these in Christmas Gifts – 3 Year Old Boy. and Christmas Gifts – 4 Year Old Boy.

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Christmas Eve Boxes 2019

As we have done for a few years now we do Christmas Eve boxes. I always plan on doing Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve anyway so the whole box idea just fits so nicely for us. It just makes getting new pyjamas that bit more exciting. I then normally just add a couple of extra items for them. I’ve written a couple of these posts before and you can see them here in  2018 and 2017.

So check them out if you are in need of some extra ideas for your boxes.

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Birthday Gifts for 2 Year old Girl.

As M is still quite young I didn’t think I’d have much idea what to get for her this birthday. However thanks to Christmas and a slight obsession with Moana growing that became an obvious starting point.

As we got H a scooter for his birthday we thought she would really like one too, she often likes all the stuff that H has so again it seemed inevitable. The suitcase whilst a bit random we thought she would quite like. We go away in a couple of weeks and H has his own case and we knew she would like to be the same as H and have her own too.

If you are sruck for ideas for a 1 year old girl, check out last years post in Birthday Gifts For 1 Year Old Girl.

Also why not take a look at Birthday Gifts For 5 Year Old Boy.

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Birthday Gifts For 5 Year Old Boy

H turns 5 in a few days and that has come by so fast. I can not get my head around how quickly. Each year it seems to surprise me that bit more.

We had been asking H what he wanted for his birthday this year and the only thing he came up with was a scooter with wheels that turn and a golf set. Other than that he gave us no ideas whatsoever so we’ve very much had to ‘wing it.

Nothing quite like a challenge around birthday time.

I hope we’ve done alright this time he has a good assortment of toys and clothing. We try not to get too carried away with the amount of presents, Christmas was only a little while ago. Not only that I don’t think its necessary to go too mad and get bogged down with the amount of presents. He’s still young enough that it doesn’t seem to bother him.

He has been getting really excited about his birthday this time, asking us daily how many days he has to go. We also have a weekend of nice things planned for his birthday so he gets a full weekend out of it.

And why not, you’re only 5 once.

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