Me And Mine Project – November And December 19

The end of the year is now in sight and I feel a little disappointed that I didn’t manage to do these every single month. It started off well and then baby A arrived and everything went haywire. I guess having three kids now was more of a logistical challenge than I thought.


At the beginning of the month we had a mini presentation at H’s school of a new story they were learning which was nice to go in and see some of the work that they were currently doing.

I had an appointment at Hospital to meet the oral surgeon and meet with me new orthodontist again. After a chat I confirmed I wanted to go ahead with this new journey which involves more brace work but will also involve double jaw surgery to correct my bad bite and misaligned jaws. Its sounds pretty grim but I’m feeling much more positive about this journey and I’m pretty sure this is the right one to. So this starts my own personal journey which I’m hoping wont impact on the kids too much. At least not till the surgery anyway. I officially start the process on New Years Eve which I am reluctantly excited about, I still keep thinking its too good to be true.

Novemeber and December 19

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Me And Mine Project – September and October 19

Well, there we have it, another 2 months and I forgot to do Me and Mine again. Honestly my brain at the moment is totally fried. From one day to the next I have no idea if I’m coming or going, or what day it even is.

Guess this all comes with the territory of having 3 children now. Ha!


So what’s been going on, H went back to school on a Wednesday. Littlest had her 8 week injections, which I think are pretty horrible when they’re so small still. And if you saw my Instagram stories you’ll probably already know that M broke her wrist all in the same week. I’m still not entirely sure how she did it. She fell backward off the bottom stair, which she’s been on a million times. I guess she just misjudged it. I won’t forget the way she cried though, she was shaking and it was horrible. The problem was at the time we were running late for the school run I had to take her to get H. She cried the whole time we were out and looking back I feel awful that I took her all the way to school. But there was no one else to pick him up I had to get there. Cue days and days of mum guilt.

October 19 (1)

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Me And Mine Project – July And August Update 19.

I didn’t plan on missing the end of July but it happened, July went by in a whirlwind. A whirlwind in the form of our baby girl. As for the photos, I honestly didn’t feel like being in any, I just generally felt out of sorts so I opted just for the children in these ones. That and the opportunity never arose again after these were taken.


When we got to the beginning of July I was done being pregnant, I was counting down the days till my induction as I honestly believed that was going to be the time baby was going to come.

To totally shake things up she came earlier than expected, (for us anyway, she was still overdue but only a few days, not a week and a bit like the other 2) you can read the full story here in My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

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Me And Mine Project – June Roundup 19

Here we are, hopefully the last month we shall be a family of four and halfway through the year. I can barely comprehend that.  I cant believe how we have got here so quickly, the last few months I don’t feel like I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and really think about what’s about to happen.

We started the month with our last possible day out to American Speedfest just like we did last year. We knew we couldn’t miss out on this one and it was a great day again. I’m not going to lie it was scorching hot and a struggle but we got through it. Have a read of last years American Speedfest At Brands Hatch as I’ve not managed to write this years one up yet. We went with a whole bunch of us this time and it made it even more special.

I  think we have all agreed to do it again next year too. Both the children really loved it, it actually surprised me how much M liked the actual racing, albeit she slept through the main race we were planning on watching.

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Me And Mine Project – May Roundup 19

May has proved to be a month of transitions for us. M started playgroup at the end of last month and to say it hasn’t been the easiest start is an understatement. For the entire month so far I have had her in tears at each session. The beginning of the month was the hardest, what with my hormones as well, I’d come out of there feeling utterly dreadful. In tears myself on a couple of days.

I’m hopeful that in time she gets comfortable with it because I know she will do so well in there just like H did. I think it’s good for their development to be with other adults and make relationships with other children. So fingers crossed we can crack the settling in soon.

May 19 (2)

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Me And Mine Project – April Roundup 19

There you have it one quarter way through the year already. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but its so true, and each month surprises me more than the last. I think that’s got to be my age.

I’m still struggling to get into the hang of taking the family photo, I don’t know what else I can do to try and remember. Not only that I feel quite self conscious about doing them in public places, let alone ask someone to take it for me. I’m working on it. I know I said that last month but I might get it one day.

The beginning of the month there was my birthday, nothing fancy, although I did get a cake this year. Sounds silly but before we had kids we didn’t really do birthday cakes for each other, but this year H insisted. So going forward I think we may just do that all the time now. That weekend we spent trying to finalise our packing for our family trip down to Devon. You can read more about it in Woolacombe Bay Devon, Mini Break.

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Me And Mine Project – March Roundup 19

As I expected March went by in a haze of birthdays and birthday prep. By the time I had a chance to step back and look at March we were here, the very end of March. Spring seemed to have stopped for a while too, probably for the best with all the preparation. So it helped having some duller days so we could concentrate on it. Had it have been glorious all month I might have got too distracted with the sunshine. So that probably worked in my favour.

Spring you’re welcome to come back now.

We booked our family holiday for April half term this year right at the beginning of the month and we are all so looking forward to the break in April.

March 19 2

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