A’s 6 Month Update

I never really know how to start these posts off other than saying how time has flown by. Honestly that’s  because it truly has and whether I try and ignore that or not its true. The  last 3 months (like for most of you)  have been full on with Christmas and all the various things that coincide with that. So before I knew it, here we were.

I said in my last update here in A’s 3 month update that I hadn’t structured in a routine yet and that’s mostly still true. She is at the point where her morning feed is about the same time daily now so that’s working out well. She is unbelievably patient in the morning allowing us to sort the older 2 out first while she waits for her feed. That is a luxury, the other 2 were so demanding, they wanted feeding exactly when they demanded it, there was no waiting about for anyone. Depending on whether she is hungry on that day or not she’ll either go for her 3 or 4 hours between each feed. With the last one now being between 7-8pm.

4 Month Photo A (1)

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A’s 3 month update

I didn’t want to start this post by saying how quick time had gone and how much she has changed over the course of the 3 months. Mostly because I didn’t want to admit that that amount of time has gone, but it has, and my hormonal brain is all over the place with that fact. This being said she’s nearly 5 months and it’s even harder to take the time to write.

It’s been a whirlwind so far and things are finally settling down. Have a look at my birth story if you want a little reminder of how it all started with My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

1 Month Photo (2)

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5th Birthday And An Interview With My 5 Year Old.

Another year older for our little man. Another year of learning and growing for him and for us. His birthday especially is a celebration of all of us, after all we have been parents for the exact amount of time as his age. We have all grown and developed on this journey together. Although it’s going way to fast for my liking.

I wrote my first birthday post last year for H and it was something I felt like I needed to record. Have a read in 4th Birthday And An Interview With My 4 Year Old.It was nice to have a little dip back into it and remind myself what we got up to last year.

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Happy 1st Birthday M

Last year M came into this world on Mothers day, and what a Mothers day. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to have her on that day, I was due to be induced. So I had no idea. My last post I wrote a M’s 1 year update if you want to have a read.

At the weekend we planned to give M a 1st birthday much like her older brother had for his. A gathering of family and friends to celebrate that first big milestone.

So the night before we tidied up and set to work putting up some crepe paper chains and blowing up balloons. All ready for the party the next day.

It was Sunday so H still had a swimming lesson so he did that and when they came back we set the rest of the decorations. Nothing to fancy just some banners and a party table cloth.

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M’s 1 Year Update

A whole year, boy, did that fly by fast!

A whole year ago I was on the verge of having M forcibly removed via an impending induction. Thankfully she decided to come on her own but left me right until the 11th hour, I was actually in hospital ready to start the induction process when it all started.

That could well be another blog post at later date so watch this space.

The last update I did was M’s 9 month update and that seems like a lifetime ago, if you want to read even further then go and check out M’s 6 month update. It’s quite astonishing how much they learn over such a short amount of time.

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4th Birthday And An Interview With My 4 Year Old.

This post is for you H as much as it’s for us, it’s a way for you to look back on your birthday in years to come. For us to show you what things we did on your special day. So for as long as you want us to we will strive to make it special. All because you were the one that made us who we are now and you were the one to make us Mummy and Daddy. So here’s your 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Little Man.

The night before Hs birthday we’ve started a little tradition, nothing too extravagant as its something we would like to keep up as long as he wants too. We put up birthday banners and make a present pile with some balloons. We try to get a helium balloon of his age too, just because, why not. It all helps to add a little excitement to his morning the following day. If you want to have a look at the gifts we got him have a read in Birthday Gifts for 4 year old boy.

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School Preparation for a 4 year old.


If you didn’t know already H turns 4 in March so he will be starting school in September. If I let him turn 4, I may make him stay 3 forever, that’s allowed, right?

Anyway with that slowly creeping up we have been trying to give him a little head start as best we can in time for school. It’s a difficult age to do too much, they have the attention span of a goldfish, and with my child in particular he has to be in a cooperative mood or there is absolutely no point in even trying. That being said, we have found a couple of ways to try to help him out.

In playgroup he has started to get some homework, he may bring the mascot home for the weekend and we take some photos of what he has been doing with it, or he will get a phonics reading book that we do together.

Heres what we are doing at home to help him out.

Firstly we got some wall charts from Poundland. So, yes some of my walls look like a nursery. This is a background activity, in the sense of, these charts are always in his view, he can look at them if he wants to and if he wants to ask questions or play with them he can. The ones in most use are the upper and lower case alphabet, map of the UK in his bedroom and a wall calendar.


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