My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

Pre-warning, this post will contain details of labour and birth.

Having reached my due date with no indication that anytime soon we will have a baby I resigned myself to the thought that I would be overdue, again. How much overdue was another story, with my first H, I was 10 days over. With my second M, she kept us waiting till induction day at 12 days over. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything earlier than 41 weeks.

If you missed it you can read the last pregnancy update for this pregnancy in 40 Weeks Pregnancy Update. Despite not using much of the stuff inside it (except the babies clothes, a couple of towels and the torch) you can read about what I packed and prepared for my home birth in What’s In My Homebirth Box?

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What’s In My Hospital Bag?

The hospital bag can be quite a daunting thing to pack and there are so many different versions of what to pack its hard to know for sure. I’ve done this twice now and there are a couple of things that I definitely feel are essential. This is purely based on the items I used, there are lots of lists online and you may see something that you personally feel is important for you to take.

With that in mind I thought I would share with you everything I’m putting in my bag.

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40 Weeks Pregnancy Update

We are here, at 40 weeks. I am a firm believer that this one is not going to come this side of 41 weeks, my babies like my womb too much, I must make a really comfy home. If I’m honest I’m using my scheduled induction date as my countdown. I’ve found it so disheartening and really hard to get to due date and then start counting up how many days over I was. So for me I think it still works out better to count down to a realistic date, and as induction is set it seems like the best way for me to do it, rather than to focus on due date.

In some ways this pregnancy has absolutely flown by and I’ve barely had a chance to think about it. Which is possibly why not much got organised until the last couple of weeks.

Looking back at when we found out all the way back in October it seems like an awful long time ago. So much has happened in the last 9 months. You can read about how we found out in Announcement And First Trimester Update.

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What’s In Babies Hospital Bag?

I’m taking a separate bag for the babies stuff to the hospital just so that I know everything I need for the baby is in one place. I’ve found it much easier in the past to have everything for the baby separate. In theory then I don’t need to touch this bag until the baby is actually here.

I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything, I’ve been over this bag list about a hundred times and honestly feel like it’s not finished. So if you think of anything I have forgotten please let me know.

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What’s In My Homebirth Box?

If you didn’t already know I’m planning on having a Homebirth this time around. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about a homebirth experience and they intrigued me. After having a discussion with my midwife this week, the whole experience sounds much less stressful. I will also get 2 midwives to myself the whole time, which again cant be guaranteed in a hospital environment.

One of the other big reasons for me wanting to do so is for the afterbirth experience. I will have help throughout the night and I wont need to wait to be discharged. Both times previously I was ready to be discharged in the morning but never got home till early afternoon. I found that to be quite stressful. I didn’t want that repeated.

So having had my discussion with my midwife there were a few things I have needed to get to prepare for the birth at home. This is in addition to your usual hospital bag and babies hospital bag.

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35 Weeks Pregnancy Update.

Now I’m here at 35 weeks those last five weeks went far quicker than I thought. When I hit 30 weeks I honestly thought it would feel like it was slowing down a bit but honestly looking back to 30 weeks it doesn’t feel like it. That now fills me with all sorts of anticipation, it’s ridiculous but I don’t feel prepared at all. We have almost everything left over from the other 2, except a few essentials we buy fresh each time.

But even so I still feel there is quite a lot to do. I’ve not even started my hospital bags yet.

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30 weeks pregnancy update

I am now on the final countdown, what should be the last 10 weeks (give or take, I’ve been late, very, late with both previous) officially in the final trimester. I know from now on things will get much more difficult and more uncomfortable. Hopefully though it will continue to fly by so I don’t have time to actually notice so much of that.

Certainly the last few weeks I have noticed much more of a struggle doing certain tasks, like tying shoe laces and picking stuff up from the floor. I have had a little bit of back trouble as I almost pulled it out one day, thankfully after being careful for a couple of days it eased off.

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