Christmas Eve Boxes 2019

As we have done for a few years now we do Christmas Eve boxes. I always plan on doing Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve anyway so the whole box idea just fits so nicely for us. It just makes getting new pyjamas that bit more exciting. I then normally just add a couple of extra items for them. I’ve written a couple of these posts before and you can see them here in  2018 and 2017.

So check them out if you are in need of some extra ideas for your boxes.

Christmas Eve Boxes 19

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A’s 3 month update

I didn’t want to start this post by saying how quick time had gone and how much she has changed over the course of the 3 months. Mostly because I didn’t want to admit that that amount of time has gone, but it has, and my hormonal brain is all over the place with that fact. This being said she’s nearly 5 months and it’s even harder to take the time to write.

It’s been a whirlwind so far and things are finally settling down. Have a look at my birth story if you want a little reminder of how it all started with My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

1 Month Photo (2)

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Me And Mine Project – September and October 19

Well, there we have it, another 2 months and I forgot to do Me and Mine again. Honestly my brain at the moment is totally fried. From one day to the next I have no idea if I’m coming or going, or what day it even is.

Guess this all comes with the territory of having 3 children now. Ha!


So what’s been going on, H went back to school on a Wednesday. Littlest had her 8 week injections, which I think are pretty horrible when they’re so small still. And if you saw my Instagram stories you’ll probably already know that M broke her wrist all in the same week. I’m still not entirely sure how she did it. She fell backward off the bottom stair, which she’s been on a million times. I guess she just misjudged it. I won’t forget the way she cried though, she was shaking and it was horrible. The problem was at the time we were running late for the school run I had to take her to get H. She cried the whole time we were out and looking back I feel awful that I took her all the way to school. But there was no one else to pick him up I had to get there. Cue days and days of mum guilt.

October 19 (1)

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Me And Mine Project – July And August Update 19.

I didn’t plan on missing the end of July but it happened, July went by in a whirlwind. A whirlwind in the form of our baby girl. As for the photos, I honestly didn’t feel like being in any, I just generally felt out of sorts so I opted just for the children in these ones. That and the opportunity never arose again after these were taken.


When we got to the beginning of July I was done being pregnant, I was counting down the days till my induction as I honestly believed that was going to be the time baby was going to come.

To totally shake things up she came earlier than expected, (for us anyway, she was still overdue but only a few days, not a week and a bit like the other 2) you can read the full story here in My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

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My Third Birth Story – A Home Birth Experience.

Pre-warning, this post will contain details of labour and birth.

Having reached my due date with no indication that anytime soon we will have a baby I resigned myself to the thought that I would be overdue, again. How much overdue was another story, with my first H, I was 10 days over. With my second M, she kept us waiting till induction day at 12 days over. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything earlier than 41 weeks.

If you missed it you can read the last pregnancy update for this pregnancy in 40 Weeks Pregnancy Update. Despite not using much of the stuff inside it (except the babies clothes, a couple of towels and the torch) you can read about what I packed and prepared for my home birth in What’s In My Homebirth Box?

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American Speedfest At Brands Hatch 2019.

At the beginning of June we went to American Speedfest at Brands Hatch just as we have done for the last few years. It’s become something of an annual event for us so as long as we all still enjoy it I would imagine we will still go. We went with all the grandparents this time and my sister and her family. So it was a whole family event.

If  you are at all interested in last years event you can read it in American Speedfest At Brands Hatch 2018.

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Audley End Miniature Railway Pirate And Mermaid Event.

A few months ago we visited Audley End Miniature Railway this is the third time we have been. We thought about going again in the summer for the summer festival which we did last time but I had a quick look at half term and they were doing a Pirate and Mermaid event. If you would like to read about the summer festival you can read it in A Day At Audley End Railway.

As this was a different event we thought we would go and see how it differed.

We have noticed in the past that lots of children go dressed in fancy dress when they visit and it really creates a lovely atmosphere. So this time I couldn’t resist but got them both costumes to wear, I thought they would look quite cute in their his and hers pirate costumes, and to be fair they did. We did take spare clothes with us incase it got sticky hot, as the costume material isn’t the most comfortable when its hot.

Audley End Entrance 19 (1)

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