4th Birthday and an interview with my 4 year old.

This post is for you Henry as much as it’s for us, it’s a way for you to look back on your birthday in years to come. For us to show you what things we did on your special day. So for as long as you want us to we will strive to make it special. All because you were the one that made us who we are now and you were the one to make us Mummy and Daddy. So here’s your 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Little Man.

The night before Henrys birthday we’ve started a little tradition, nothing too extravagant as its something we would like to keep up as long as he wants too. We put up birthday banners and make a present pile with some balloons. We try to get a helium balloon of his age too, just because, why not. It all helps to add a little excitement to his morning the following day. If you want to have a look at the gifts we got him have a read in Birthday Gifts for 4 year old boy.

He was much more excited about his birthday this year I think he understood more. He came downstairs in the morning and didn’t know where to look. It was a simple morning he opened his presents and had a little go on his new bike. After getting ready for the day, he took the bike outside, you can read more about that in ‘Big boys bike’.

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Big boys bike – Ordinary moments 18 #9

Henry was 4 this week and although he has a balance bike we got him a bigger bike with stabilizers on for his main present.

After all his presents were opened Chris took him out to go and pick his own helmet and chose one that matched his new bike. He was very pleased with it, there was orange on it which happens to be one of his favourite colours. He was beaming when he came home to show me, he couldn’t wait to put it back on so I could have a proper look.

Chris and Henry then took his new bike and helmet out in the street to try out. I watched from the window as Mollie was napping, I was so proud seeing him posing for his picture on his new bike.

When he took it outside he was excited and apprehensive, ready to go but also very cautious of his abilities to do it. He did like it and he had a good go but he didn’t last very long outside he got very tired (soft play the day before wore him out).

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Birthday Gifts for 4 year old boy.

Our eldest turns 4 this week and for me its bittersweet, its his last birthday before starting school. We have a couple of things planned for his birthday to really make the most of it, especially as he seems to have a good understanding of his birthday this year. I shall probably spend a good portion of it reflecting on the past 4 years. After all its been 4 years since I became a mum.

We always find it a bit difficult having Henrys birthday not far from Christmas, luckily this time we knew back at Christmas what we were going to get him as his main present. We considered getting it for him for Christmas but decided against it as he probably wouldn’t have got much use out of it until now anyway.

A couple of the gifts we bought in December and they were initially for Christmas as well but we again we decided to save some for his birthday. They are all available still at various retailers, bear in mind we didn’t necessarily pay the prices they may be advertised at. As  I say some were purchased months ago.

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Me and Mine Project – February roundup 18

February! How are we at the end of February already? Here we are for another Me and Mine project, if you’re unsure what it’s about read my previous post here

It’s been another quiet month. Since both my children are March babies and my husband and I have birthdays in April, January and February tend to be the calm before the chaos.

We started the month with a trip to the Sealife Adventure Southend and arcades. That’s where we took January’s photos for Me and Mine Project – January roundup 18, may have been a couple of days late for that one.


The following weekend Henry had his first birthday party to go to. He had such a wonderful time.

Our mid-week at the moment seem to be much the same. I work Monday to Wednesday mornings and Henry has his playgroup Tuesday all day and Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


I’m ready for the weather to change a bit now so we can try to make use of the afternoons, but the weather just hasn’t been kind to us. The rest of the month not an awful lot happened, I know that the next few months are going to be a bit hectic so I have been trying to savour the last of the slower days, at least for the while anyway.

With that in mind we have been busy planning for the rest of the year instead. We’ve managed to get a good few things booked up which should keep us busy for the foreseeable and it ticks a few things off our Bucket list 2018.


This months photo was taken on a ‘snow day’ the last day of the month. I wasn’t happy with the previous photos so I had them retaken. I’m going to try to plan next months photos in properly, but don’t hold me to it. It’s a work in progress.

We all look a bit dishevelled, you can thank ‘The Beast of the East‘ for that.

But this is us, real life, at home and honest. Not looking our best selves, all have a degree of bad snow hair, not all looking at the camera either. But that’s ok, its real.

Jemma x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


Why I’m loving Tuesdays – Ordinary Moments 18 #7

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already done my shift at work.

One minute its snowing the next its glorious sunshine. What is that about? Anyway I digress.

Before I went back to work Tuesday was the day I got Mollie one to one as Henry is at playgroup for the whole day. I really loved having that time with her, as she rarely gets one on one time with anyone. You really notice how different that is second time around. I sometimes feel a bit like I have to schedule in one on one time with her, Henry just takes up so much attention.

Of course on these days during nap time it was a good chance for me to have a complete switch off for an hour or so, or get some chores done. Either way the house would be eerily quiet. I quite liked it though, it reminded me a little of how quiet it was before having children.

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Party time – Ordinary Moments 18 #6

On Saturday Henry had his first birthday party to go to that was outside of our ‘mummy club’ friends. It was a girl at Henrys playgroup, and she was having a party in a soft play barn. We’ve been to this barn before but not experienced a party there before.

Henry was so excited, this girl is one of his ‘best friends’ at playgroup, the party wasn’t until after lunch but he was raring to go as soon as he got up.

When we arrived he went straight into the soft play, I could hear him screaming with excitement, and calling everyone’s name. It was brilliant to watch, we have been out many times with other children, but not this group. He was a whole new level of excited.


*Apologies for this awful, blurry photo, he was so excited he wouldn’t stand still, this pose came out of nowhere, and he was off again. I couldn’t, not use it, it was a must, his face was just pure in the moment, delight.

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Sealife Adventure Southend and arcades.

It’s official we have made a start on The Bucket list 2018, it’s a small start, but it’s a start nonetheless. While we wait for the weather to improve a bit, we are still very much doing indoor activities.

Henry has got really into watching Octonauts lately so the obvious choice for us was to take him to our local Sealife Adventure in Southend-on-Sea. We had told him in advance about the visit, so he was looking forward to it, he wanted to see some manta rays, sharks and of course a blue whale!

EHH! I did have to tell him quite often leading up to the visit that you don’t see blue whales in a sealife centre. I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe me.

For visits like this we often check prices first online to see if there is a discount for buying online and luckily there was. We opted for the family ticket of 2 adults and 1 child (Mollie is under 90cm so they don’t charge), the price is £32 on the website, when we entered the ticket option it then gave us the discount. So if your planning the visit its worth checking first.

Slightly behind schedule we got there just after 10am, it’s quite a simple entry process as we had the tickets already we just had to get our wristbands, which allows you access all day. That’s worth noting, you may want to come in and out, there are various feeding displays scheduled throughout the day.

As you enter the attraction they have added 2 new outdoor exhibits, meerkats and penguins you actually go above these first. If you are expecting to spend a lot of time here, looking at lots of displays etc, word of warning, its a small.

For us much of the actual exhibits went by in a bit of a haze, Henry would look at one tank and within a minute or so he was off to the next one. Honestly I think we got round the whole thing in record time.


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