Why I Took Some Time Away From The Blog.

This post has been really difficult to write, I’ve spent the best part of a couple of weeks trying to get down in words what I’ve been meaning to say. I’ve tried to be as honest with it as I can, for my own sanity. Its also very, very, long, so grab a cuppa if you’re in it for the long haul.

Part of this is because the issues that I’m trying to explain don’t always make much sense to me, so tying to articulate when my head is a scramble is tough. I’ve tried my best, I hope it makes sense. So here goes.

Why did I start the Blog?

When I started this blog I did so for a couple of reasons. As the time progressed and I did more work on the blog I started to realise very quickly there was far more to it than just writing a couple of posts and pressing publish. The depth of work behind the scenes is quite astounding to someone who is not that way inclined. I don’t know a lot about computers let alone anything about web design etc. That’s even before you touch on the social media side of things, which in my naivety I had no idea was so integral to the blog.

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