Christmas Gifts – 9 Month Old Girl.

My previous post Christmas gifts – 3 year old boy. was a look at what we have got our son for Christmas. I hope it was useful to anyone who may have needed a little inspiration. In this post you’ll see what we have got our daughter this year. She’s only 9 months old so she doesn’t need a lot of gifts. We have a lot of baby toys that we had saved from when Henry was a baby.

Stocking fillers.


As with Henry’s stocking I don’t remember where we got it but there are plenty of different styles of stocking available to get in most retailers.

The bath squirters came from Homesense at £3.99.

The rattle came from Asda, it doesn’t appear to be online. We paid £1.50 for it.

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Christmas Gifts – 3 Year Old Boy.

This is the first year that Henry has really started to understand about Santa Claus and what happens at Christmas. When we got our decorations down and I started to explain how Santa gets in our house as we don’t have a chimney (he uses the magic key that we put outside, and only his magic fingers can transform the key into one that fits our door) he was truly fascinated.

As for a Christmas list up until a few weeks ago he kept changing his mind as to what he wanted so we decided to start collecting some bits and wait for him to make his mind up.

We always do a Christmas stocking that will be placed in his room and Santa will fill this up with small goodies. We’ve been unsure as to the main presents, what’s the correct protocol when it comes to Santa’s gifts?? Such a small thing but it gets embedded in their brain you have to make sure you get it right for yourself. You don’t want to slip up a few months down the line and tell them you got something when they think Santa did. What do you all do??

We have decided to divide up what we have and some will be from Santa, wrapped in separate paper, and the others from us? I’ve no idea if this is gonna work.

Stocking fillers.


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Christmas Eve Boxes

I saw a few years ago a lot of people were doing Christmas Eve boxes and that to me seemed like such a cute little thing to do the night before Christmas. A nice way to extend the ‘magic’ for a little longer and build up the anticipation and excitement. So I started this on Henry’s first Christmas with a small box. All it had in it were Christmas pyjamas and a Christmas book. Although he had no idea I really loved it so I think we may have made this a little family tradition.

Every Christmas from now I will get the children Christmas pjs for their box so it means they can actually wear their new Christmas pjs for Christmas Eve. This will always be the starting point for their boxes.

Then as they get older I plan on including hot chocolate mixes and a Christmas movie, maybe some movie snacks to all enjoy on Christmas Eve. But for now as they are small this is what they have this year.

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