10 Tips For Starting Reception.

Some of you may have gotten the long-awaited for news of which school your child has been accepted in to. Believe me when I say it’s both a relief and a reality check once you do know.

Suddenly it’s all very, very, real, not only that it’s suddenly not that far away.

So now what?

Is your child as ready as they can be for starting school?

I wrote a post last year just as we were preparing H for school, it was based more on the learning activities we were doing with him at home, to prepare him for that environment. You can read that in School Preparation for a 4 year old.

10 Tips for Starting school

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School Preparation for a 4 year old.


If you didn’t know already H turns 4 in March so he will be starting school in September. If I let him turn 4, I may make him stay 3 forever, that’s allowed, right?

Anyway with that slowly creeping up we have been trying to give him a little head start as best we can in time for school. It’s a difficult age to do too much, they have the attention span of a goldfish, and with my child in particular he has to be in a cooperative mood or there is absolutely no point in even trying. That being said, we have found a couple of ways to try to help him out.

In playgroup he has started to get some homework, he may bring the mascot home for the weekend and we take some photos of what he has been doing with it, or he will get a phonics reading book that we do together.

Heres what we are doing at home to help him out.

Firstly we got some wall charts from Poundland. So, yes some of my walls look like a nursery. This is a background activity, in the sense of, these charts are always in his view, he can look at them if he wants to and if he wants to ask questions or play with them he can. The ones in most use are the upper and lower case alphabet, map of the UK in his bedroom and a wall calendar.


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