Birthday Gifts for 4 year old boy.

Our eldest turns 4 this week and for me its bittersweet, its his last birthday before starting school. We have a couple of things planned for his birthday to really make the most of it, especially as he seems to have a good understanding of his birthday this year. I shall probably spend a good portion of it reflecting on the past 4 years. After all its been 4 years since I became a mum.

We always find it a bit difficult having Henrys birthday not far from Christmas, luckily this time we knew back at Christmas what we were going to get him as his main present. We considered getting it for him for Christmas but decided against it as he probably wouldn’t have got much use out of it until now anyway.

A couple of the gifts we bought in December and they were initially for Christmas as well but we again we decided to save some for his birthday. They are all available still at various retailers, bear in mind we didn’t necessarily pay the prices they may be advertised at. As  I say some were purchased months ago.

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