Woodland Nursery Tour

 I wanted to show you our nursery we love it so much, so much so we didn’t change it when we were expecting M.


A bit of background first, we moved into our current house when I was 4 months pregnant with H. As for the house, we were very lucky it came up when it did, the kitchen and bathroom had been newly done so there was no decorating needed. As of now the only rooms we have done have been the nursery and H’s current bedroom, mostly because we know that we plan on moving again soon.
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Vintage Vehicles Meets Route 66.

When H was big enough to move into his single bed we moved him into our second bedroom. Take a look at his old nursery room decor here. He has a complete obsession with cars so it seemed only logical to decorate his bedroom accordingly. We don’t plan on having to decorate it again (we plan on moving) so it needed to grow with him, so I decided to give his room a vintage vibe.


Before we even decided on the room colour we had chosen the red industrial lampshade. I just spotted it one trip and thought it was exactly what we were looking for. The rest of the room just grew from there. The bedding came from Next, I don’t believe they do this one anymore, it has a gorgeous car design on it, great for kids without being too much like a cartoon. I’m not a big fan of general kids bedding. The route 66 sign was a great find, also at the range.

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