American Speedfest at Brands Hatch

Last year something caught my eye on a Facebook post,  I was intrigued and did a bit of research and we ended up going for the first time last year. We had such a great time that as soon as we were home we marked it on our calendar for this year.

The American Speedfest event at Brands Hatch is an American themed vehicle extravaganza, showcasing a whole selection of vehicles from vintage classics, to vehicles from film and tv. Not forgetting the highlight of the NASCAR Wheelan series races as well as live demonstrations from American muscle cars past and present. There’s live music, entertainment and food all helping to create a wonderful experience.

The event runs over both Saturday and Sunday in June, you can buy single ticket for either day or tickets for the whole weekend. They do have an area outside where spectators are able to camp for the whole weekend. If that’s your thing, I can imagine the atmosphere would be amazing.

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An Outlaws Escape – Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest

Last month we went back to Centre Parcs having had such a great time last year. We opted to try for a different location to see how that varied so Sherwood Forest came out as the one we were going to try, as Chris has fond childhood memories from there. If you want to read about our last visit you can find it in A break in the woods – Centre Parcs Elveden.

Sherwood Forest is over 3 hours away from us and we wanted to make sure we got into Centre Parcs at 10am just as it opens to make the most of the first day there. In order to do this we drove up there the day before which was a Sunday, so we could take our time and just stay overnight in a nearby Premier Inn.

This worked really well for us we could plan our stops on the way up for the children, (and me, I still get travel sick on longer car journeys even as an adult) and not have to rush our journey. The traffic was much kinder on a Sunday too.

Day 1 at Centre Parcs

On the Monday morning we got up, we were all suitable refreshed. We had a good breakfast at Premier Inn and checked out ready to head to Centre Parcs. The journey was just half an hour from the Premier Inn we stayed at, and we were so glad we had made the decision to do that. It meant we were all relaxed and fresh for when we got to Centre Parcs.

When you arrive you drive up to the check in hut and are given your accommodation keys and welcome pack.

If you didn’t know already when booking your stay you select the exact position of the accommodation you want so are able to select how far away you want to be from the main village. Or whether you want to be on the outskirts or by the lake etc

We opted to be on the outskirts, hoping we would get more wildlife visitors there. You can’t actually get to your Lodge until 3pm so once you check in you are guided to the car park to park your vehicle and then off you go until you collect your car to get to your lodge later on.


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Chessington World of Adventures

While Henry is not yet at school we had decided this year to make the most of any time outside the school holidays we can to go away. Purely because it’s cheaper for us to do so and most places will be less busy. As of September we won’t have that opportunity.

To start that off this year we went and had 2 days at Chessington World of Adventures before our holiday. We booked it in January when there was a special offer on which included the overnight stay and breakfast on Friday morning.

Day 1 at Chessington

Henry missed his session at playgroup on Thursday as that was the first day we had booked. We headed off just after 9 ( a little bit behind schedule, we had to turn back twice, I forgot a couple of things, oops) to miss rush hour traffic.

We hit a little bit of traffic that delayed us even further (bloomin’ M25) and we got there just after 10.50. We were staying in the Safari Hotel in a standard room, so we went and checked in straight away to save us doing it later on.

After check in we were advised to book in for dinner, so we did just that, the main restaurant however didn’t start serving till 6pm and that was too late for us, so we booked in at the Temple Restaurant, that opened at 5. We then walked into the park. If you are staying in the hotel you enter it from a different entrance which walks you through the Amazu.

Henry isn’t that interested in looking at animals yet so we skipped this area to go straight to some rides, we headed for the middle of the park to get our bearings.

That was when Henry saw his first ride that he wanted to go on, it was called Seastorm.


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Not quite the Easter Half Term I had planned.

This Easter half term did not go as I expected, I had some sort of plan for it, but reality came and intervened and changed everything. For starters Henry was off for 3 weeks instead of 2, so I knew it was going to be a bit trickier to keep him entertained. I was also at work Monday to Wednesday  mornings, so it left limited time to do too much. I thought I would be able to plan in some playdates and get out and go to some Easter half term activities.

Half term started with Mollies first birthday party, and we had some of Henrys friends round too, you can read about that in Happy 1st Birthday Moo. Before everyone arrived we spotted a suspicious looking spot on the back of Henrys neck. About an hour later there was another couple appeared, we started to think it was chicken pox, but couldn’t say for sure as there was only a couple. The party went ahead anyway, everyone had a great time.

The following morning, Sunday, we were up early to go to swimming but as soon as Henry got up it was apparent we were not going. Yep, they were chicken Pox.

With swimming cancelled we stayed indoors as he was still at the contagious stage. As you can imagine that put a halt to any plans I may have had for the first week. Luckily he didn’t suffer too much with the pox, he was only itchy for 1 day, thankfully. To be on the safe side we kept him indoors anyway, so as not to spread it around, plus the weather wasn’t to brilliant either so that confirmed my decision.

Chris was off work from Good Friday through the Easter weekend and we stayed at home throughout. It was tough going, I’m not going to sugar coat that, it was hard.  We were also waiting to see if Mollie was going to come down with chicken pox as her injections were due. I’d already cancelled them during the week whilst we waited to see if she was going to come down with them.


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Our lives now.

Hi there,

Here we go, my first blog post and I guess a good place to start is, the beginning.

New York city
My husband Chris and I both grew up in different towns in Essex not meeting until we both worked in the same retail building in 2006. Over the past nearly 11 years ( how did that happen) we’ve made some fantastic friends, been on quite a few adventures, and shared some big parts of our lives with both our families and our friends.
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