A break from the rain – Ordinary Moments 18 #11

We have had an awful lot of rain lately and very little sunshine to break it up, I don’t know if you noticed? HA!

All jokes aside, its been pretty horrible and quite difficult to enjoy being outside when we haven’t had  the opportunity. We have been trying to venture out properly and do some outdoor activities but every time the opportunity has arisen the weather has put a stop to it. This weekend however bought a little break in the weather and although it was fairly windy it was dry and sunny.

We didn’t venture ‘out-out’ (we were planning too, but Mollie woke up with Chicken Pox) so the furthest we got was out in the garden.

We had a little tidy up, cut the grass and Chris got all the bubble mixtures, the bubble machine and the giant bubble wand out. For the few hours after lunch Chris and Henry were playing with the bubbles. Henry loves bubbles and he loves any opportunity that we can get them out.

Henry was in his element. He was actually able to run around in the garden. He needed it, having been stuck indoors for pretty much all of Easter.

It’s such a simple thing isn’t it? But the amount of joy that children (and some adults) get from them is truly astounding.


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Dino Charger, Ready! – Ordinary moments 18 #10

The ‘Beast from the East’ made another visit the weekend, nowhere near as bad as last time but it was still extremely cold. Apart from a food shop we had no plans all weekend (partly due to next weekend business). We stayed in, and did very little, that was all part of the plan, the weather just confirmed it.

At some point last week we had caught an episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. Henry had never seen any before but had heard of it, his friends at playgroup often play it while they are waiting to go in. So he has a very vague idea. He watched the episode and was very intrigued. So inevitably at some point on Saturday he asked to watch it again. Thankfully (or not, I haven’t made my mind up) we found both seasons of it on Netflix.

I think you can probably guess what happened next.

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Big boys bike – Ordinary moments 18 #9

Henry was 4 this week and although he has a balance bike we got him a bigger bike with stabilizers on for his main present.

After all his presents were opened Chris took him out to go and pick his own helmet and chose one that matched his new bike. He was very pleased with it, there was orange on it which happens to be one of his favourite colours. He was beaming when he came home to show me, he couldn’t wait to put it back on so I could have a proper look.

Chris and Henry then took his new bike and helmet out in the street to try out. I watched from the window as Mollie was napping, I was so proud seeing him posing for his picture on his new bike.

When he took it outside he was excited and apprehensive, ready to go but also very cautious of his abilities to do it. He did like it and he had a good go but he didn’t last very long outside he got very tired (soft play the day before wore him out).

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Why I’m loving Tuesdays – Ordinary Moments 18 #7

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon and I’ve already done my shift at work.

One minute its snowing the next its glorious sunshine. What is that about? Anyway I digress.

Before I went back to work Tuesday was the day I got Mollie one to one as Henry is at playgroup for the whole day. I really loved having that time with her, as she rarely gets one on one time with anyone. You really notice how different that is second time around. I sometimes feel a bit like I have to schedule in one on one time with her, Henry just takes up so much attention.

Of course on these days during nap time it was a good chance for me to have a complete switch off for an hour or so, or get some chores done. Either way the house would be eerily quiet. I quite liked it though, it reminded me a little of how quiet it was before having children.

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Bath time bonding – Ordinary moments 18 #5

Henry asked the other night for Mollie to have a bath with him, we’ve done it before so it’s not totally out of the ordinary. We run the bath as usual and Henry went in first, picking out an assortment of bath toys.

Considering Mollie hated having a bath when she was really small she loves them now. She gets so excited before her bath.

Her face was a total picture when she realised Henry was in there as well. She absolutely loved it, she loved having him so close to her. She dotes on him completely, he doesnt always give much back. But in that moment they were together, they were playing, they were splashing. They were enjoying each others company.  Henry was making her laugh and he was sharing quite happily with her. She was in little baby bliss, she was laughing and giggling her little head off the whole time.

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Playing with Cars – Ordinary Moments 18 #4

Henry loves cars. More precisely vehicles of any description. As soon as he discovered the world of vehicles he has pretty much lived and breathed them. Yes, he has other toys, all different types but he is always drawn to the car box. Its got to the point I don’t even put the lid back on the box.

He has invented a couple of games he plays with the cars, crashing cars off the edge of the toy box (thanks YouTube), he may get the road mat out, but that’s getting quite rare. There is one game he plays which he will do every single day and that’s parking spaces. He just wants to park the cars in spaces. He does this in free play and sometimes we have to draw him out a car park if he asks, we currently have 2 different versions of a car park in use at the moment.

We have added letters to the parking spaces at the minute to help with his phonics and recognising the letters. We tell him which letter to park in and he goes and parks his car. That’s just giving him an added bonus of learning in there too, which all helps with everything I mentioned in my previous post School Preparation for a 4 year old.


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Indoor picnic – Ordinary moments 18 #1

Whilst reading some other family blogs notably ‘Little ladies big world’, and ‘What the redhead said’ I came across a series called ‘Ordinary Moments’. On further reading it really struck a chord with me, what a fantastic idea! I want in. It sounds like something I could really get stuck into doing.

In years to come it will be the ‘ordinary moments’ of life that fade into distant memory, the ones we so desperately want to cling onto in later years, yet barely remember them for what they are. Moments that are so ‘ordinary‘ they are almost not worthy enough of being saved in your memory, (this comes mostly from someone who cannot even remember what happened last month) they are just normal everyday parts of life. We all want to remember the important moments, family holidays, important milestones of life, but what about the everyday? This is what has intrigued me so much. An opportunity to record and therefore save those little things, (and sometimes bigger moments too) to look back on properly in years to come. The chance to have a series that will reignite a long forgotten memory, a feeling that we lived through, just an opportunity to remember.

So here we go then, my very first ‘ordinary moments’ post


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