5th Birthday And An Interview With My 5 Year Old.

Another year older for our little man. Another year of learning and growing for him and for us. His birthday especially is a celebration of all of us, after all we have been parents for the exact amount of time as his age. We have all grown and developed on this journey together. Although it’s going way to fast for my liking.

I wrote my first birthday post last year for H and it was something I felt like I needed to record. Have a read in 4th Birthday And An Interview With My 4 Year Old.It was nice to have a little dip back into it and remind myself what we got up to last year.

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Happy 1st Birthday M

Last year M came into this world on Mothers day, and what a Mothers day. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to have her on that day, I was due to be induced. So I had no idea. My last post I wrote a M’s 1 year update if you want to have a read.

At the weekend we planned to give M a 1st birthday much like her older brother had for his. A gathering of family and friends to celebrate that first big milestone.

So the night before we tidied up and set to work putting up some crepe paper chains and blowing up balloons. All ready for the party the next day.

It was Sunday so H still had a swimming lesson so he did that and when they came back we set the rest of the decorations. Nothing to fancy just some banners and a party table cloth.

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4th Birthday And An Interview With My 4 Year Old.

This post is for you H as much as it’s for us, it’s a way for you to look back on your birthday in years to come. For us to show you what things we did on your special day. So for as long as you want us to we will strive to make it special. All because you were the one that made us who we are now and you were the one to make us Mummy and Daddy. So here’s your 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Little Man.

The night before Hs birthday we’ve started a little tradition, nothing too extravagant as its something we would like to keep up as long as he wants too. We put up birthday banners and make a present pile with some balloons. We try to get a helium balloon of his age too, just because, why not. It all helps to add a little excitement to his morning the following day. If you want to have a look at the gifts we got him have a read in Birthday Gifts for 4 year old boy.

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